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Here is my complete Mri if anyone could tell me if this is way bad news or not so bad..really dont understand it to much..

L2-L3 no evidence of disc protrusion.Slight facet degenerative change.

L3-L4 A central disc protrusion is present at L3-L4 level.this does abut and deform the thecal sac ventrally in the midline and slightly to the left of midline.this disc protrusion extends to the left and into the left L3 neural foramen.this does abut but not displace the L3 nerve root.

L4-L5 A left sided disc protrusion is present at the L4-L5 level.Disc material abuts and deforms the thecal sac to the left of midline.Disc material directly abuts the region of the left L5 root exit zone.

L5-S1 A broad based central disc protrusion is present.This is slightly more prominent to the left of midline.The disc protrusion does abut the ventral thecal sac and S1 nerve roots.Facet degenerative change of mild to moderate severity present.

A central protrusion is present at the T6-T7 level this does abut and deform the thoracic cord in the ventral midline.

A small central disc protrusion at the T7-T8 level. There is a superior migration of disc material in the ventral midline.

A diffuse central disc protrusion is present at the T8-T9 level. This partially effaces the subarachnoid space but does not abut or deform the thoracic cord.

A left sided disc protrusion is present at the T10-T11 level. This abuts,but does not deform the thoacic cord.

There is a moderate facet hypertrophy at the T10-T11,T11-T12 and T12-L1 levels

I think thats it any help would be appreciated and thanks..
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replied January 26th, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
even if we were drs here our opinion would mean absolutely nothing because a complete exam by a neuro or ortho surgeon is needed in conjunction with a comparison to the images of the mri. you do have disc and arthritic changes in both your middle and lower back and you need a spine specialists opinion. do not accept the opinion of any other kind of dr.....pete
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