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Help With BiPolar Girlfriend

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I have been with my girlfriend for almost three years now and she is diagnosed with bipolar. She is taking medications but they leave her incapable of day to day life. She has recently been givin topomax which she takes twice a day. It leaves her unable to breath, exercise (which is causing her to gain weight, which she is depressed about), she has to go to sleep at 930pm and cant wake up for work.

I dont know what to do there is a mountain of other problems all relating to her meds and her not being able to function.
She is working a part-time job and is shut-inside when shes not at work, which means that I am shut-inside when not at work or class. We've lived together for a year now and most of the finiancial responsiblity falls to me( she pays half of rent and electric when she can). She is entirely dependent upon me and I am currently attempting to go to Law School in Fall 2011 she says she would like to come with me. Inorder for that to happen she needs to save $5000 and contribute so that I can save $5000. Its been a year and she hasn't started on this.

I am worried that in another year she still will not have meet this goal and I will have to leave her behind when I move.

I dont know what to do. Without meds she may be able to function better. But the rollercoaster that comes with her not being on meds is too much to handle. How do I motivate her to get things going so I dont have to leave her by herself b/c suicide is also a concern. Thanks
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replied May 28th, 2010
Is she going to therapy? Along with seeing a psychiatrist for her meds she should also go to therapy to work with living an everyday life. Topamax is an anticonvulsant mainly used to treat epilepsy. For some they do work in the treatment of bipolar disorder, but has she tried a moodstabilizer such as lithium? That's what I take and though it does make me somewhat tired, I"m still able to function in everyday life and have plenty of motivation. Also, is she taking an antidepressant? That may help as well.
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replied May 30th, 2010
Sounds like she needs to change her meds. Mood stabilisers are great, like lithium and depakote, but also antipsychotics like abilify.
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