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Help with a Dr. for ADHD

My 18yr old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD + (possible dyslexia, memory issues, borderline anxiety) about 18 months ago by a local university. We got confirmation from a Neurologist and have, through time, settled on medication that helps. Some things are still a struggle but there is a definite improvement in quality of life! At the Neurologists' suggestion, she has also been seeing a counselor/coach.  We are now considering changing to a Psychiatrist instead as her other issues are not being addressed by the Neurologist and she doesn't feel she gets anything by now the third counselor. Any opinions on this? Any suggestions/resources in finding an ADHD savvy Psychiatrist? - mom in NJ
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replied August 13th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, what meds is she on AND MOST IMPORTANT does she take them every single day?
is there mental illness in the family history?
why go to a Neurologist instead of GP?
how many times has her meds been changed?
have they tried both SSRIs and SNRIs?
if u described your daughter without being prejudice, how would u describe her?
this is not so complicated u need a Psychiatrist but any would be qualified.
does counselor talk to u with her permission and what insight do u get?
how was daughter's school grades in H.S. and now and is she in University or Community Collage etc.?
my grandson who always seemed mild was given a drug for ADHD and it has worked terrific
. good luck
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