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Help! Ultrasound found spots in one kidney, freaking out.

I did a routite physical. Blood and urine test returned all mostly normal, a bit high cholesterol, and some slightly elevated liver stats. Doctor sent me for pelvic ultrasound, which was done Monday.

This morning (in 1 day) I received an urgent call, that I need to see my PCP immediately about my results and schedule CT or MRI.. The person only would tell me that there was a spot/spots on one of my kidneys.. I've scheduled an appointment with PCP, but meanwhile I'm all freaking out.

How often some spots in kidney require followup MRI/CT? I don't have any symptoms, no blood in urine, no pain, no lumps.. Only thing that might be related is that I'm on ketogenic diet (basically no carbs) and in ketosis, and doing a lot of cardio, in order to drop weight, but PCP was ok with me doing that.. I'm 36 year old male, 250 lbs (dropped from 280).

Please someone talk to me, did anyone had anything simular? What it ended up being? How long does it take to get MRI/CT results?
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First Helper peter75

replied June 22nd, 2011
UPDATE: Just been to a doctor and seen my ultrasound report.

Lower pole cortex low echogenicity mass versus atypical lobulation lower pole left kidney maximal dimension 4cm. Neoplasm cannot be excluded. Recommend CT or MRI with and without contrast.

My PCP was saying "don't freak out" "its probably nothing" but searching the internet for 4cm kidney mass and having the word "neoplasm" in there freaked me out even more.. Why did I watch all these "House" episodes.

I have MRI with and without contrast scheduled for next Monday (earliest they had).. Wish me luck. Funnily enough doctor asked if I wanted MRI or CT, I asked whats better he asked if I had any metal things in my body, and said MRI is probably more detailed.
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replied June 30th, 2011
3 kidneys reply
hey I'm going though the same thing where they said my baby have three kidneys but they not telling me much about it im freaking out to im due july 25 so i should have more answers when she born
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replied February 8th, 2012
im really freaking out cause im due in june and they say my baby has a spot on his kidney is it something to worry about
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replied January 21st, 2014
black spot on kidney. need to know your experience
peter75 : What was it? My mother has similar indications a you including "normal" results for general health. What was the black spot? I'm so worried. Please respond.
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