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I just feel absolutely awful, I just screw up all the time and I'm probably just wasting my time by coming here. I feel like everything is my fault, my boyfriend gets frustrated with me on a daily basis and every time he does it makes me feel so awful. Sometimes My chest just feels so heavy and it's hard to stand upright because I just want to fall over and cry, but I've been told that crying is for the weak and to tough it out but I just can't. I've self-harmed before and it helps but I've been trying to stay away from it and I have for awhile but.... I just feel like I mess everything up and cause everyone problems I just feel like giving up. I get upset and hurt over the littlest of things, just the other day I awoke to a message on my phone from my boyfriends best friend claiming he was cheating on me and I immediately confronted him about it and it ended badly and he's not let me forget about it but we're still together. How pathetic is that, I'm so insecure that I automatically believe that I'm not good enough for someone to stay with. Sorry if you waste your time while reading this, It's really just my pathetic rant.
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