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help reading MRI test done on my cercical spine

I was hit by a tractor trailer at 55 miles an hour in my driver side door about 5 years ago. I have noticed in the past few years I have not been able to turn my neck to the left less and less. Now I can only turn it a quarter of the way and it hurts when I bend it back words. In my lower neck and shoulder I have shooting pain, burning, and a stabbing feeling. It also feels very tight. There is even times where I am doing almost nothing ( such as talking ) and I will feel this sharp shooting pain in my mid to lower neck and then I cantt move my neck at all for days! I literally have to use my hands to life my head off the pillow. I had a MRI done on my cercical spine and this is what came back
AT C3-C4, mild right-sided uncovertebral hypertrophy. Canal and neural foramina are patent.

What does that mean????
Also are they talking about my right side when they say "mild right-sided uncovertebral hypertrophy"

If they are Im wondering what is going on because it not my right side that is hurting me it is my left!!! I dont think somthing is right here considering how bad the accident was, how much pain im in and the whole "RIGHT " thing
what should i do ?
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replied October 13th, 2011
can someone pleas ehlp me and tel me what this eans and if they think somone messed uo my test !!! Im only 27 and cant turn my neck ! let alone the pain Im in
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replied October 13th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

I can help with a description of the finding.

"AT C3-C4, mild right-sided uncovertebral hypertrophy." >> The third through the seventh cervical vertebrae (the vertebra in the neck) have an extra process on their superior aspect (called the uncovertebral process). This is sort of like a lip on the top part of the vertebral body. This process is on the outer edge, sort of hugging the disc. This process or lip, sort of cups the the bottom part of the disc.
The uncal process is a very common place for osteophyte formation. Osteophytes are bone spurs. Hypertrophy means an enlargement of something.
So, you have the very beginnings (mild) of an enlargement on the right side of this process that goes around the bottom part of the disc. There is no mention that it is causing any problems though.

"Canal and neural foramina are patent." >> The canal is where the spinal cord lives. It is the hole that runs, up and down, in the middle of the vertebral column. The neural foramina are the little holes on the sides, through which the nerve roots exit the spine. Patent means wide open. So, the holes and the canal are wide open, there is no narrowing or compression of any structures.

So, overall, you have a little larger lip of bone around the right side of the C3-4 disc, on the top part of the fourth vertebra. That's it.

As to whether or not this could be causing your problems, you really need to discuss that with the surgeon who ordered the study. Isolated findings do not mean much until they are correlated with the patient's history and examination.

Good luck.
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