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Help! Problems with spleen and stomach

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Hi, I've been having problems with my health for the past 2 years, which has been an on and off investigation. During that time, I have lost 32lbs due to pain and fullness on my left side. Scans showed a Splenic Cyst of 6.7cm. Other tests were done for gallstones, celiac, colitis, crohn's, which all came back negative. Doctors said that they found it hard to believe the Cyst was the problem. A later scan showed it was squashing nearby organs - the colon and stomach to be exact but again ignored.

However, over the past 6 months the pain and on the left side (associated both with eating food and moving physically) has been getting considerably worse. The last 5 weeks have been so bad, I can barely eat anything or move without extreme sharp pains in my stomach. I have also been getting left side colon pains, giving me the sweats, when I am trying to pass a stool - which I can barely do.

I am not sure what to do, as now I am at the point of malnutrition and being extremely underweight. I keep being on the verge of passing out both from the pain and poor calorie intake. Even though I am underweight my abdomen is also distended on the left - which hurts to touch and again has been ignored by previous Doctors.

I am worried that something serious has happened, and the more I ignore it and try to carry on as normal, the worse things get - since I have been told my Cyst was getting bigger the last time it was checked.

Would this warrant a medical emergency to at least get things checked? I can't eat properly and I am in so much pain.
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