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Help me with the constant hypervigilance!!!

Hi everyone.

I had trauma 8 years ago.

I am suffering from really bad hypervigilance, have for years. Jump out of my skin with noise. Constant underlying fear. Never feel safe really. Cry almost every night at bed. Crying right now. My body just can't 'let go'. I feel I always need to be alert to stay mentally 'safe'. Sleep problems, my body/mind is too scared too sleep.

I soooo want peace and safety in my life.

I live in fear, mentally and physically for years now.

What have you people done that has helped?
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replied August 4th, 2013
Can't believe no one has responded to this. Do you all have this or do none of you have this?
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replied July 25th, 2014
You should talk to a Psychologist. Many people in the military and police officers have some of these things. Usually it's from seeing so many things that cause a lack of trust and heighten awareness constantly of your surroundings. You may also have depression as heighten awareness shouldn't cause you to start crying. I would guess you had something bad happen at one time that is causing you to be hyper vigilance. To an extent it's not a bad thing but to be scared when hearing a loud noise and being depressed is. I would find a specialist for PTSD and talk to them to get you through with the issue that happened that is causing this.
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