I had sex with this guy in 09/21/2012 we use a condon den i had sex with my ex in 10/12/2012 with out a condon i fought out i was pregnant in 10/30/2012
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replied September 1st, 2013
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Condoms when used alone; such as without additional spermicidal cream or foam, aren't always effective as contraceptives. They are considered only around 70% effective but if you used it correctly and without mishap it was probably quite effective.

There was three weeks between those dates when you had sex. If your periods are quite regular you could have had a period between those dates. If you are regular and had a period then you probably weren't pregnant until you had sex without a condom in October.

You discovered you were pregnant on the 30th October when presumably your period was a couple of weeks late and you took a test?
Backtrack those couple of weeks to when your period was due; say around the middle of the month which would mean you had sex with your ex without a condom at your most fertile time.

Sorry if my assumptions are wrong but the answer to your question lies in knowing not just the dates of sex but also of your periods and whether they are so regular you could set your clock by them.
It is probable your ex is the father especially if you had sex with him in week or ten days before your period as no condom was used.

The very fact no condom was used would have been enough to convince a judge to grant a child maintenance order in the days before dna testing but more recently courts require a dna test to be carried out.

If your periods aren't regular a dna test will be needed to be certain who the father is.

Good luck!
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replied October 7th, 2013
If my due date is January 24th when was the day I most likely got pregnant??
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