As it seems alot of things are in the lower side of normal.
I ordered this blood test to be done by my doctor as iv felt so poorly recently, i constantly feel as though i have the flu coming, constant headache, my bones hurt sometimes unbearably and i have to lay down and rest for long periods of time, and i also get a pain in my abdomen some days just under my last left rib that is that painful its stops me in my tracks an takes my breath! Could this be my spleen?? Anyhow, the lab results came back and a few things are on the low side and my doctor ordered me to take b-12 tablets, iron tablets, vitamin D and drink alot of milk, but this bone pain and reoccuring anaemia have been going on for years now, should i be concerned there is something else causing it? Blood test results as follows:-
Urea and electrolytes:-
Serum sodium = 144 mmol/L
Serum potassium = 4.7 mmol/L
Serum urea = 4.4 mmol/L
Serum createnine = 88 umol/L

Liver function test:-
Serum albumin = 49 g/L
Serum total bulirubin level = 10 umol/L
ALT/SGPT serum level = 25 u/L
Serum alkaline phosphatase = 93 u/L
Serum TSH level = 1.29 mu/L
Serum calcium = 2.05 mmol/L
Glomerular filtration rate
GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD = 69 mL/min/uSA

Full blood count:-
Total white cell count = 5.4 10*9/L
Total red cell count = 4.50 10*9/L
Harmoglobin estimation = 12.8 g/dL
Packed cell volume = 0.427 1/1
Mean corpuscular volume = 95.0 fL
Mean corp. haemoglobin = 28.5 pg
Mean corp. Hb. Conc. = 30.0 g/dL
Platelet count = 177 10*9/L
Neutrophil count = 3.02 10*9/L
Lymphocyte count = 1.54 10*9/L
Monocyte count = 0.37 10*9/L
Eosinophil count = 0.22 10*9/L
Percentage basophils = 0.11 10*9/L
Large unstained cells = 0.14 10*9/L

Serum vitamin b12 = 303 ng/L
Serum folate = 3.2 ug/L
Serum ferritin = 45 ug/L

I forgot to also mention the bone pain i get is head to toe, in fingers, face, the lot! I also get crazy dizziness to the point i have to sit till its passed or i walk into things, im 28 years ol, can anyone help? Are these normal symptoms to be gettin for so long with these results, iv had re occuring anaemia for around 6 years now but my calcium and vit d have never been checked til now! Anyone? X
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replied August 3rd, 2012
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Hellooo anyone reading this? I really need a reply asap Smile xx
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