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Help. I'm worried I'm pregnant, on Cilest.

I know it sounds crazy, because I've been taking the pill for over a year now, Cilest for most of that time. I am still having my period during the 7 day break after a 21 day course.
I have never missed a pill entirely, and i havn't taken a late pill in quite some time.

But I -feel- pregnant. Does this make sense? I always have had problems with heartburn and acid reflux but this is much worse this past month or so. I have also been experiencing periodic cramping that feels like gas... or period cramps (i find they both feel similar). It never lasts long, but occurrs at least once every day. I have also been experiancing more lumbar back pain than usual, more recently this has been accompianing my stomach cramps.

Light nausea, no actual vomiting. Reduced appetite, except for a particular sweet tooth. I can't drink anymore, partially because it makes me feel ill, partially because i no longer like the taste, but I LOVE the smell of all the alcohols. Especially beer. I also have lost all taste for cigarettes, they make me feel very ill.

I'm feeling mildly bloated at times.

And the real kicker (although again this one sounds crazy) I've fallen in love with children. I always liked kids, but was a little awkward. Suddenly, and I mean SUDDENLY, my heart warms up at the sight of anyone under 6 or 7 and its like rainbows and butterflies and I talk about children all the time. This isnt my normal behaviour. Maybe im just suddenly broody and paranoid, but I've heard alot of women say they got a "feeling" they are pregnant and this FEELS pregnant. You get me?

I am 19 years old, with a 26 year old boyfriend and a healthy sex life. I'm not sure we could cope with a child at this stage in life, neither of us are remotley finacially secure. I am an art student, he is living on Job Seekers Allowance. Thats before we even consider how mentally prepared we are. This has made me afraid to do a pregnancy test, because in the event I actually am pregnant, there is nothing we can do. Abortion isn't legal in Northern Ireland, unless my life is at risk, and having many friends from the care system, i could never ever subject a child to that. I guess I'm running from knowing, because if its positive, im stuck.

I thought maybe if someone could just tell me if it actually is possible or not to fall pregnant while taking cilest and still have your period during the 7 day break, i could be a little more prepared for any potential outcome.
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replied March 21st, 2013
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Firstly, you can get pregnant on ANY birth control method as none are 100% safe at preventing pregnancy. not having sex is the only 100% way of not getting pregnant.

and Secondly, what you call a 'period' isn't actually a period. When you take the pill, it supresses your natural hormones therefore stopping you ovulating. So when you have your 7 day break its just a fake period thats caused by a fall in artificle hormones caused by the pill. You can't have proper periods and be pregnant at the same time. You can be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding which confuse a lot of woman.

The only way you are going to know is by taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning (the first urine of the day is more concentrated). If you get a negative result, I would suggest you wait 7-10 days and repeat the test again using your morning urine.

If both come back negative, and you still think pregnancy is a possibility, then go and see your doctor and ask for a blood pregnancy test which is more sensitive than a urine one. If one or both come back positive then you need to stop taking the pill straight away.
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replied March 17th, 2014
A year later, I'm in exactly the same situation as you. Feels the entirely the same. Similar age as well.
Can I ask, were you pregnant in the end?
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replied October 28th, 2015
Yeah my friend got pregnant on cileste and I got pregnant on yasmin birth control pill when I was 16 so you can get pregnant on contraceptive pill including cileste even if you take it properly the copper coil is the most effective birth control you can be on so I'm on that now for over a year I'm now 19 and nothing has happened yet
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