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help for possible reactive hypoglycemia

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I have had this problem for many years, and doctors have never known what to do about it (other than treat the issue as a mental illness and give me various psychiatric drugs, which always made things MUCH worse).

When I eat food - ANY food - within an hour or so my body exhibits all of the classic low blood sugar signs: extreme fatigue and lethargy, low mood, adrenaline rushes that I can physically feel (which can sometimes lead to intense rage, anxiety, and crying spells), and inability to focus/concentrate.

The problem seems to be a bit worse with eating a carb only meal, but it will literally happen with any type of food that I eat - even with just veggies or just meat protein. It is a horrible, horrible thing, and I need answers. My glucose numbers check out normally across the board, btw.

The ONLY thing that has offered ANY help has been immediate-release niacin. Niacin acts to purge adrenaline from the body, therefore helping to calm you down. This still doesn't explain why this issue is happening, however. =/

The best possible explanation I've received for what this could be is known as 'postprandial adrenergic syndrome,' where the body mistakenly believes that blood sugar is low, and pumps out good amounts of adrenaline for energy. Of course, over time, running on near-constant adrenaline will absolutely wear you out.

I'm nearly 30 years old, had unsuccessfully tried every medication/treatment under the sun, and now cling to nothing but Niacin and my faith in God that I can receive an answer and either be healed of this, or learn to control it to the point that it isn't totally debilitating.

As a father of 3, and husband to a wonderful wife, I can no longer be lounging around all day without the energy to clean, cook, do simple tasks such as mailing out letters, etc. I view myself as being of decent intelligence, and I am a loving person, but feel absolutely imprisoned when these episodes hit, totally incapable of reaching my potential, and it's extremely frustrating and embarrassing. I do hold a 2nd shift job, but luckily it is easy and does not require much physical activity.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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replied May 28th, 2014
P.S. - I keep my diet as clean as possible, with little to no sugar, complex carbs, good proteins, and healthy fats.

Heavy exercise compounds my issues and crashes me out, possibly due to an "overall weakened" body from always dealing with the adrenaline surges. I also use vitamin C and magnesium to support my adrenal health.
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