I hear voices talking stuff about my family and myself please help
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replied March 30th, 2010
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Hi jm36,

I'll send you a PM since my knowledge rainbow of this phenomena is not politically / medically nurse doctor correct Mad and my post would most definitely get deleted Razz .

Merrick sunny
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replied March 30th, 2010
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What are they saying?

Mine told me that my family was evil, which, yeah, they are pretty much negative entities of the lower levels of existance. But whos counting?

So what are they saying?

Mine also made me delusional about some things, but it's strange because these things were based on actual principals, like people coming back from the dead. So, I was watching tv and john goodman was on it and it told me that he had died and that he came back and was now on television. Was it presenting me with the principal of resurrection perhaps, or just screwing with me. Or perhaps it was screwing with me with a principal.

Either way there are things to be learned with what they say, even if it seems delusional, which yeah, it was all delusional if taken absolutely literally and misunderstood why they were saying it, because everything seemingly delusional thing that they told me was based on something really really real. No really.

Like, for instance, they spoke about people coming back from the dead, just not to be taken literally, they talked of my dead grandmother hanging around, but she obviously wasn't in a video game moving stuff around, but you see, they were telling me things even if they weren't trying to. However, a common misconception about spirits, or what happens when people die, is that they are themselves consciously walking around do things, no, I don't really know how to say it, but, when the spirit leaves the body, it's not really you, part of you perhaps, but not the conscious knowing you, perhaps your imprint or something of that nature, or an unconscious energy.

Let me see what else, oh, yes, my little bro dropped a glass with a pokemon on it, the voice spoke up and said that the glass was an angel that had been destroyed, or overcome, it's obviously obvious that the glass wasn't an angel, however it was clueing me into a very real principal that was going on, because let's face it, angels don't just do whatever they want, ya know? If there is somebody good out there trying to help they have at least not yet been able to.

What a strange way to tell somebody that though, wouldn't you say?
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