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Help - Extremely Violent Eye Shaking/Circling

I wake up from extreme violent eye shaking or eyes feel like they're going in circles. This used to happen every 4-6 months. Now, it's getting to come around once a month. It has been going on for about 15 years. I feel like I'm falling, and I have to fall out of my bed, and go on my stomach and hold on to whatever is there with my hands because I feel like I'm falling. I can't see a thing. If I open my eyes while it's happening, then it's just completely blurry. After it stops, I will throw up the entire day because I'm so dizzy, and my stomach will be in knots the entire day. It goes on for about 15 seconds, but it feels like hours because it's just so horrible. It's hard to explain but basically it feels like my eyes are going in circles inside my head. For the rest of the day I have to lay down. If I stand up I am too dizzy and I will vomit. Normally when if I fall back asleep, The dizziness will go away once I wake up again. It only happens during the middle of the night. I have seen about 5 doctors, and have done my own research but I can't find anything. I thought maybe it was vertigo, but what happens to me feels 10 times worse than people with vertigo get. From what I've read, vertigo happens throughout the day, and it just feels like dizziness and a few other options. But, I literally can't open my eyes because it's all just black/blurry until it's completely over(Which is only about 15-20 seconds).It happens randomly in the middle of the night while I am dead asleep. That's what wakes me up. I have went to AT LEAST 5-10 doctors. They have ran plenty of tests on me but no one can give me a response on what it is. I was thinking maybe when your eyes move around during REM maybe it's waking me up during it, and it doesn't completely stop? ANY HELP FOR THIS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS!!!
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replied June 6th, 2017
Does anyone have any sort of idea at all? Any type of answer would be greatly appreciated. I need help with this as soon as possible. I have another doctors appointment for this next week. But, honestly they haven't been able to tell me what it is so I'm not sure if it's even worth it or not.
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