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Help.. constantly worrying

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Ever since I had my children I have worried about everything. I am constantly thinking about bad things that could happen to the point where I find it hard to sleep. I wake up throughout the night to check on both of them, we live in an apartment and I worry what if there is a fire how I would get them out. I worry about driving in a car that im going to get in an accident and I used to fly now I wont because i'm afraid it might crash. I constantly worry about family members if I can't contact them I think something bad has happened.. it just seems that all of the negativity and fear has taken over my life
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replied October 2nd, 2010
Dear ashypoo,
If you don't stop worrying your setting yourself up for a lot of health problems...stress has
been know to cause 100's. ( Google it ) You will then pass this behaviour onto your children.
Try to find ways to de-stress, things that
make you happy....find a hobby that you can do and involve the children too. Drink herbal tea during the
day. Try to take 15 mins a day in a warm sunny spot and just let the suns rays warm you......
It's like you need to learn all-over-again how to relax.
I too was a worrier.....guess what 80% of the things we worry about never actually happen!!!! so why spend 80%
of your energy and time thinking about them.
Be alert as all parents should...but not in constant
I figure you were raised by 'this' personality type
as I was.
All the best.
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