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Help! Chest and Back Pain After a Fall?

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I've had pain for a little over a week now in my back and chest, and I'm starting to get slightly worried.

About a week ago I came off my horse rather violently. I landed on my rear, rolled onto my back, and had the breath knocked out of me for a good minute plus. I felt a tad bit sore the rest of the day, but didn't worry about it.

The next couple days my lower left ribs started hurting. They ached when I laughed or twisted to my right, and if I flexed my spine a lot, I could feel a slight pop in them. All of this has since faded to a very dull pain at worst.

Now my big problem is my back. Only after my ribs started getting better did I realize that bouncing on my feet, running up/down stairs, sneezing, or basically doing anything that required me to roll my upper spine and/or push upward with my back hurt. At best it's a sharp pain between my shoulder blades. At worst it hurts between my shoulder blades, tightens my whole chest, and makes my sore rib ache.

*So my question is, what should I do? Or more importantly, should I be at all worried?*

I know doctors can't do much of anything for ribs, and quite frankly, I'm sick of doctors after an accident-prone year (two breaks and one dislocation x.x), but if this is something that's potentially dangerous or something that's going to haunt me if I don't get it looked into and it heals wrong... I want to get it straightened out.

Thank you.
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