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Hi I had a bone scan today. I live in chronic pain all over!! Three ruptured disk in lower back, (cant fix) also with deterating arthritis. ruptured disk in neck, I was told I dont need surgery and said it was at a 5? Not sure if that means the serverity of it or the pain level. I dont understand this as it is Leaning on my spinal cord? This test was done two yrs ago, and never found out the results until I got a referral to a pain specialist, who said it was a very serious injury. Also have ostoprosis, lower back and hips. And fibromylisa. I have pain meds, but only takes the edge off. Not helping a whole lot. I am only 55 and then has been over 10 yes now, and very depressing to be told you will live in pain the rest of your life! I dont like taking meds, I want fixed and my life back. I have been deterating away. Lost weight even though I am small framed to begin with, should weigh about 115 and last two yrs down to 92 lbs. Can hardly walk anymore, my legs are so weak and the pain!!!!!! The whole lower half of my body is so bad, that I feel if I sat in a wheel chair for two days, I would not be able to get out. Feels like someone snapped my body in half. Or a car laying its tire on your lower back. I had a bone scan today, but what I am worried about, (yes a real worry wort) sick of being sick. The tech seemed to go back and keep focusing on my head! Then he had me turn to the left did many more shots of the head. Had to be about a half hr of this test it seemed of just my head! All i could see was a white blob in the middle of the head.I am assuming the white blob is my brain? Should this test show white in the middle of your head is what I am asking if anyone knows. Or is this normal. Am I worrying about nothing. Of course with all my issues here, wont know what might be there until I go to the doctors. But don't have much faith as you can see, as I am just not getting the proper care at all. Yes I hope they find something? Not serious but something to give me a answer here, as to why I am wasting away. long story as I have many health issues at this point. I was very active, even with my chronic pain. I refused to just sit and do nothing even though it has been so hard dealing with this chronic pain all the time. Up to the thyroid issue and when they started treated me you can say my life stopped. I was put on thyroid for hypo 2 yrs ago, and all down hill since them. I have hasimotos now. I could not get a referral to a thyroid dr for almost 2 yrs. Different meds, different dose's, and they did not check any thing or test on my thyroid. Only have felt for a groiter? I have trouble swallowing sometimes. Also get a horse voice sometimes. (I have had to fight and insist on my own test and find doctors who will see me and really be pushy at this point with doctors to get any help!I asked for the auto aumune test and that doctor just said yes it is a little elevated. That was it. IF I felt like coming back in a few months feel free to. Well the test should be 34 or under, and it was 2179. I really think I was hyper to begin with and it has triggerd all these problems I have now. Can only get up and walk around for about a half hr to a hr at a time. I don't sleep well at all, and always exhausted! All the time, no energy at all. My kids have to drive me to the appointments about 20 miles away as I just can't do it. Any help or advice from anyone? Ended up with a pace maker in october, heart rate of 37 after passing out for the 4th time. Even the heart doctor sent me home and let me make the call if I wanted a pace maker put in? I have a 5mm probabaly cyst on my left kidney, calcified bladder. Moderate to high contents of blood In urine now all the time. I have many abnormal blood and urine test quite often and told they are normal. I am fighting my way to get to specialist and test done. I had a mri with contrast (prior to pace maker and a 2 mm calcified nodule on lung, 6mo later a other mri, and 3 mm none calcified nodule on other lung, and many auxilary nudule's up to 5 mm in size on my right side. Nothing has been said about these since then or when to check again. If I ask, just told nothing to worry about. So small. I guess that is your lymp nodes under the arms. (auxilary nodules) I have read about those and does not sound good. Where I live the care is terrible. Also I had a hystro when I was 30 and was told it was a total. I thought I may have one overie left. Well last 10 yrs no pap as they have said I don't need one. Even though the doctor yrs ago said I need one every yr. Through all this and about two yrs ago I had a pap. Came back abnormal. Did a biopsy. Have that HPV? Virus. I hope I am saying this correctly. Just was told they worry about that with woman of child bearing age. SO that was that. The new gastro I went to, (thank God he is great) went through all my medical records and spotted that test, and said I need this checked right away. He told me I have a cervix! Lol Did not even know that. also told me this is the number one cause of cancer in woman. Told my new doctor, she did a pap and told me at the time she needed three neg in a row before we needed to not even worry about this issue. Well I called my self regarding the pap she did and was told it is normal. (ok I get copies of all my own test now) Well it shows they did not check for that virus as the doctor did not send in Two smears which is required to do the test? A note is on there for the doctor. So this is also a big worry. Now it has been about two yrs of this issue being ignored. I asked her nurse what she meant if she needed three test in a row of neg to not worry about this. Well the nurse checked with her, and told me once a year to check again? Now this issue really has me worried. I can't seem to get into any other OBY doctor here either. I am not getting any help or answers here with the doctors. I have had IB for yrs but the last two yrs i started having every thing I ate or a drink (no alcohal) just fluids, tea or what ever, went right through me. Was bleeding a lot also, had to be right at a toilet. Test done and that gastro called and said test is normal , no infection or cancer. I have learned to get copies of all my own records and have so many that I have been told is normal and they are not! Got a good gastro, have colitis, had chronic current inflamation. And current accute inflamation. First doctors who said it was normal did not tell me this. Just had stomach surgery, SOD rate was high. Bile duck problems. Blocked, inflammed and leaking. I have had three of these test since 2004, all show this problem and no doctor ever has told me this. I feel Like the stress of trying to find out what is wrong with me, and fighting to get there is making me ill. I know this is a lot, but looking for some advice here or anyone who has experience something like this, as I feel a lot of these new issues have been caused from the thyroid if I was treated wrong? Any info on this would be helpful. I do know you don't mess around with the thyroid, and can affect all your other organs. I had all this start after I was put on thyroid meds. Does not make sense as I was 110 to 115 lbs, had all the symtoms of hyper thyroid not hypo. Also I have never read or seen anyone under weight or small with a hypo thyroid. Wondering if treated wrong and it overdosed me basically on thyroid for hypo?This would make more sense to me as to why my own body then started attacking my thyroid causing the hasimotos. I was started on thyroid with just a TPO test (only) of a 5.36 Any help or advice on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated. I am praying all the time, and hoping I can get well. Sorry about the typos!! Rolling Eyes

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replied July 10th, 2011
I'm sorry, but it is really not possible for a physician who cannot examine you or your medical records to address all these numerous and complex health issues that you have described over the internet.

It is very easy to determine whether your are hyperthyroid or hypothyroid, by doing a simple blood test (and yes, you can lose excessive weight if you are significantly hyperthyroid).


Robert A. Wascher, MD, FACS

Author, "A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race"

A landmark, evidence-based guide to a healthy cancer-prevention lifestyle, based on cutting-edge cancer research.
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replied March 20th, 2013
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