Last month at the end of October my bf and I had protected sex for 10-15 mins.. We later decided to have unprotected sex.. This was on oct 29.. He did not cum inside me. Afterwards, about an hr later, we went to our local cvs and bought next choice one dose.. I took it within the designated time frame. 5 days later I started bleeding like it was my period.. Really light the 1st day and very heavy the next 2 days.. 2 days later, my bf and I had protected sex. We had protected sex again a week later. Same thing, he did not cum inside me nor the condom. I also want to add that I'm not on any birth control. Anyways, my period calendar said that my estimate date to have my next period was on nov 19. It's almost a week late today. When I tallied in the 3 days of bleeding after taking next choice it estimates it to be on nov 27. I have been having sore breasts and mild cramps lately, similar to when my period is about to come. I also have thick white discharge, but none on my panties or when I wipe, only found out when my bf stuck his finger in there today. Anyways, I'm going to take a pregnancy test within the week and I just wanted to get the opinion of an expert. Am I pregnant or not? What are the chances?
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replied November 26th, 2013
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Next Choice is a very powerful birth control pill. It works by interfering with your fertility cycle by stopping it almost immediately. This will halt ovulation and if you do not ovulate, his sperm cannot make you pregnant,

When this high hormone dose starts to leave your body, you get withdrawal bleeding. (this is what a woman on the pill calls her period. It is not menstruation, it is caused artificially by the dropping hormone levels. This normally happens 5 to 7 days after taking it.

Since Next Choice interfered with your cycle in a major way, your fertility cycle needs to restart. It is not possible to predict how long that will take, or where in the cycle it will start. It is thus highly likely that you will have a disturbed cycle for a month or three.

Take your pregnancy test. The chances are very very very small that you will be pregnant. Just relax and go on with your life. Your body will just follow whatever pattern it wants to, and your period should return. Worrying just makes it worse.

Best of luck!

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replied November 30th, 2013
Just an update on my situation, just incase someone is in the same situation and was wondering what will happen and was as worried as I was, I am not pregnant! I got my period yesterday, 10 days late. I'm sure it's my period too because it's like a blood bath or a waterfall down there and I made sure it wasn't implantation bleeding by reading about the differences between the two and sure enough, it described it as a period perfectly (tmi?). Anyways, I'm pretty sure it was the nerves that pushed it even further, so to anyone who is in the same situation, don't worry too much. Anyways, I am never going through that again, it was the most agonizing 10 days of my life! Thanks for easing my nerves @kristigraham! You helped out a lot!
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