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Hello everyone! Hope to seriously work on fitness

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You can call me Lexar. I'm 19 and am in need of some serious health! I started abusing drugs when I was 13. First being cigarettes than weed, than a bunch of other recrational drugs. Got myself mentally dependant on one drug (long story) which caused me to drop down to 78 pounds at its worse and send me deep into psychosis. Luckily all the damage has reversed and since I am freshly tobacco and nicotine free I need to start focusing on my physical health so I have something to do other than crave and relapse back to nicotine. So after almost 1 full decade of chain smoking packs of cigarettes a day, smoking weed till I go paranoid peeking out windows for the feds, and doing so much drugs I go mentally insane...I'm doing nothing but putting healthy things into me!

So far I'm changing my diet. I have 100% quit drinking pop. Water is now all I wish to drink other than maybe a gateraid or something similar every now and than. Also drinking tea because they are very healthy. Just thinking about how I used to drink 10+ cans of pop containing 25grams of sugar per serving within 8 hours makes me feel like I'm going to die. I try to avoid eating microwaved foods. Even simply heating food in one of those things makes me cringe. I refuse to eat take-away food and mostly anything loaded with salt and presurvatives. And I refuse to put any type of smoke in my lungs!

As for drugs, I still do a couple. I use trypamine and psychedelics once every few months for meditative and spiritual purposes. I'm a fan of psychoactive drug therapy. It works wonders for depression, de-stressing, anxiety, and a lot of other problems. I quit smoking pot weeks ago after realizing how dumbed down it makes me. I'm one of the unlucky ones who get the cognitive decrease and paranoia from smoking. It also makes anxiety and panic attacks more common for me, also makes me depressed and demotivated. I guess its no surprise every time I quit smoking tobacco and cigarettes the first thing I start doing is obsessing over my health since i've ruined it for too long!

I'm glad to be here. I know a good bit on psychology and chemistry and hope to learn more about nutrition and biochemistry here. As well as physical fitness. Its winter time and I currently weigh 105 pounds. I REALLY hope to seriously work on my fitness this winter to pack on 30 pounds by next years March. All my horrible lifestyle choices has made me a skin and bones acne faced young adult. Time to grow up and straighten out my life.

Thanks for all your future help eHealth forum,
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replied November 4th, 2014
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Hope you really find helpful people and information here. Welcome, and help others cope w/ similar stuff you've gone through.
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