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"Hello All!" 30yo Personal Trainer in Arkansas

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Hello everyone. I just joined the forum today and wanted to say Hi to you all. I'm not actually certified yet, but I'm taking my final exam now and looking forward to the world of personal training. I have invested a huge amount of time into my own body and consider it a privilage to empower others to make the same investment. I will probably spend most of my time in the nutritional section, but then again I don't know. I saw a lot of interesting topics with I joined.

By the way, I'll need someone to help me with my signature...Thanks.

Everyone have a blessed day!
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replied May 28th, 2009
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Hello jdeyebrows!

The signatures are not enabled on our forum and we don't allow people to personally "push" home businesses here, either. We're so glad that you found us - let me know if I can answer any question you have.

Lee @ Admin
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