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Heavy legs then numb feet, genitals, bum ... anyone relate ?

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the brain and the spinal cord. But what is MS? And what types of MS do doctors diagnose? Basic facts on multiple sclerosis here....
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OK I am 39. Past history of Optical Neuritis 11 years ago (which can be a symptom of MS) but Docs dont think thats important?

Felt a bit virusy during December but with nothing major. Jan 5th had some hubba hubba with my hubba hubba (yeah now I got your attention!). Woke up Jan 6th and my legs felt like lead, could seriously not walk far, had to think how to walk and my knee was popping back, felt like I was dragging two sacks of lead around. Let it go on for a week, went to the Docs who said it was "under the weather legs". He found out during my visit I had high blood pressure so asked me to go back a week later.

Went back a week later, legs seemed to be getting better, not so heavy and didn't need to think how to walk. He put me on Ramipril to lower my blood pressure and I took one that night.

Woke up the next morning with numb feet - they feel cold but are hot to the touch, it is around my toes, balls of feet, arch of foot, heel, it kind of moves around, but there constantly. Also noticed loss of sensation on outer calves, numb outer genitals and numb bum (internal), bladder bowel and sexual function all working ok but there is some slight weakness. Rang docs thinking it was a side effect of the Ramipril, he changed me to Amlodipine.

Went back to Docs after 2 weeks, he immediately sent me to the hospital where they did all kinds of tests and am awaiting an MRI, visit to Neurologist and heart ultrasound. Already waited a week and I keep reading that the longer the numbness goes on the more chance it will be permanent. Hurry up NHS!

So what is it? MS? Side effect from Ramipril? Sexual accident? Or something else? I am worried sick it's something very serious and am sick to hell of this constant 24/7 numbness in my feet and intermittent groin numbness. I keep researching on the net then scaring myself stupid.

There are no meds for the numbness either and nothing will make it go away. I am so down, just want to reset myself back to January 4th when everything was fine!

Anyway relate? Help?
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First Helper User Profile Mum22Boys

replied February 18th, 2011
In the beginning I thought I had numbness from the waist down. I was told by family doctor it was actually hyper-sensitivity. It was painful. Gradually just felt worse.Pants needed to be wideleg. Could'nt stand for anything to rest on my legs like a purse or my arms. I have since been diagnosed with MS and have been told my circulation in my legs is bad. I have numbness, tingling,pins and needles feeling and coldness.
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replied July 14th, 2011
Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years
I was diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago when I was in college. Went to bed one night feeling on top of the world, and woke up the next morning half blind with optic neuritis and couldn't feel anything from the waist down. I also have the "hyper-sensitivity". I wear shorts as much as possible (including the winter) because it's so painful to have anything touching my skin!
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replied February 28th, 2011
Mum22. I am 34 years old and just recently diagnosed with MS. I can relate to how you feel. I too am scared and frustrated with the numbness, pins and needles. My symptoms started on Dec 6th 2010. I woke up one morning feeling like I slept on my arm wrong, my fingers were slightly numb(more in my right side). The following day it was worse, the pins and needles feeling was in my left hand too, and up my arms, down the right leg. The third day I knew something was seriously wrong, my stomach and groin area was pins and needles. My shirt touching me hurt, yet I was unable to sense hot or cold. My doctor was stunned, said it was due to stress, put me on some meds and told me to come back after xmas. The meds did nothing. Eventually the numbness on my mid section subsided, but my hands to this day are still numb. Some days are worse than others. By January my symptoms had increased, my bladder was really weak and I was getting almost electric shock like feelings in my stomach, and down my legs. When I saw the doctor again, he said I had a bladder infection and put me on meds again... still suffering from that. Finally he sent me to a neurologist.(4 hours away)
He did a series of tests on me EMG, nerve tests etc. I expained the feelings I was getting.. he asked me to put my chin to my chest... there it was again! As soon as that happened he set me up with an emergency MRI for the following morning. I went straight from the MRI to his office to get the results. I was convinced I had a pinched nerve... the results showed different. I have a lesion on my brain and spinal cord. My spinal cord was twice the size it should have been from immflamation. I was then diagnosed with MS.
I can relate to how your feeling, not knowing. Life throws us curve balls. When I first found out I thought omg this is a death sentence, every horrible thought went through my mind in just minutes. My 12 year old son was with me when I found out(not in the office)waiting patiently out in the waiting room. I am now thankful that he was with me that day. He kept me positive on that 4 hour ride home. He is what keeps me going everyday. I do have good days and bad days, its a huge adjustment to life. MS affects everyone differently, and its okay to be scared. I haven't quite accepted it yet, still at the pissed off stage. After finding out as much information on the disease as possible I do feel a whole lot better. I have many unanswered questions and I'm not sure if there are any answers to them. Will my symptoms ever go away? How long does an attack last? There is alot of research on MS, do be careful where you look though, some websites will try to sell you something, or put it in medical terms so the average joe can't understand it. I have found the best information is on the MS Society of Canada website, very informative and easy to understand. Also the Montel Williams website, he lives with MS and his site is awesome. Of course the only way of a diagnosis of MS is from an MRI. It is manageable! I understand the stresses of not knowing, please know that you are not alone and there are many people to talk to about it. The less stress the better.. too much stress can often bring on another attack. Stay positive and good luck!
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replied October 19th, 2012
MS Numb Limbs MS Ninja!
My thoughts are with you as you await results. I was diagnosed with MS in May of 2012 after my tongue, then chin, then left side of face went numb. Ended up with 12 lesions in my brain & lg one inside back of head = not my idea of a good time. A very busy wife mom of 3 great kiddos who manage 2 apt. complexes I don't have time or patience for this disease. 5 months later I feel like a rabbit in a tortoise body, you just take each day 1 by 1, good days bad days & do the best you can. Copaxone has helped me avoid relapses, the injection side effects are no fun but worth it I suppose. Not being able to take hot showers or be in the sun getting hot was a bummer for me. The ice vest, wrist & ankle wraps do help. This week my lower limbs went numb from 1 ankle to the other to my hips & everything else inbetween. A very heavy frightening feeling. Back to the Neuro Guru who believes I may have another lesion on thoracic spine, fun fun. Looks like a thoracic MRI in the future when & if it's approved. Definitely NOT a disease fun to fight without good insurance. I wish you & your family the best. My Motto: I may have MS but it doesn't have me! Multiple Sclerosis Ninja Debi
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replied April 10th, 2013
I'm 22 and have symptoms of ms. An told its stress! Plz help
Hi I'm 22 and my right leg is heavier than the left, heat doesn't effect me, tho I'm always cold, have been sense I was little, so heat doesn't bother me.. My hands are a little stuff tho not numb at all... I've been to the ER and my MRI came back normal, and I went to a neuro. And he did tests on my right leg on nerves that connect with the spine and told me everything is fine... Everything started 3 years ago after my first was born... I have a little bit of blurred vision but goes from one eye to the other and never stays. Comes and goes every other day to almost every day.. I have no pain at all in my body.. But my toes look weird, like bony looking now, like they're starting to form. Weird looking.. Wondering what could it possibly be. I'm a busy momma of two kids. One is 7months one is 3. And my anxiety is horrible with constantly thinking this might be the start of MS and being told in te ER that it is stress related.. Again, the MRI came back normal, neurologist said that's muscles are fine. Than why the heaviness and atiffness in my right shin?
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