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Heavy frequent menstruation and hair loss

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My mother is 44 years of age. For the last 2 years, she has been experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding every 2 weeks. In addition, her hair has been dropping at an alarming rate and has progressively become extremely thin. The thinning occurs pretty uniformly across her scalp, but there is a pretty distinct area on the top front region where it is very noticeable. This hair loss has also been seen by her 3 sisters, 2 older and 1 younger (about 34 yrs old). She is also very fatigued a lot. Despite resting etc, she does not regain her energy level and is constantly drained. she sometimes experiences dizzy spells, but these are not frequent and not very strong.

She has had fibroids and has had some removed but they had reappeared. Also her thyroid level has been checked and is normal. Her stress level is high, but has been so even prior to these symptoms, and is believed to be unrelated (or not the sole cause) for these symptoms. This is affecting her life very strongly and she has been to many doctors without any helpful results. Recently, after her own research, she has been taking 2 tablets, one being Evening Primrose and the other is Saw Palmetto tablets i believe??? she saw some improvement in the rate at which her hair was falling for several weeks and then in the past week, it has begun again at an even more alarming rate.

Please advise.
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replied June 2nd, 2009
hello and welcome. This is just a suggestion as a suppoter on forum. Has you mum been tested for menopause. I was lucky my periods just stopped at 47 but some women have frequent bleeding and i also am losing my hair and always feeling tired. its worth checking out even if just to say its been investigated. mine was confirmed by simple blood sample.
hope this has helped in some way.
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