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heavy feeling in eye, vision spot, sharp pain behind eye

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A few days before Thanksgiving I started to see a strange spot in the upper right section of my right eye. It is always in the same spot and I can't ever focus on it it will usually appear then disappear real quick. It is not a light it's more of a grayish orb I would say and I have noticed that it appears the higher my blood pressure is. For instance if I've been doing some slight physical activity like cleaning the house or when I bend down and stand back up it will usually occur.

About two days after that I got a headache with pain behind the eye like it was going back through my head. The headache wasn't that severe. I was still able to function normally but it was an odd headache and it was on the top of my head the same side with the pain behind the eye. The other thing I noticed was that my vision seemed a little hazy I've heard people use the term "mental fog" that describes it pretty well it is not an overwhelming fog but its as if everything is slightly white or like the opacity of my vision was lowered just a bit.

Usually I don't go to the hospital but I know when to get certain things checked out. So on the 3rd day I went to the E.R. and explained my symptoms. The doctor I got seemed really uninterested with what I was saying and basically decided what it was before I got done explaining what my symptoms were. She said "Oh it is just a migraine" I've had migraines in the past with the aura and the electrical headache and sensitivity to light and this was nothing like that at all. I was given a CT just to make sure nothing was wrong and the on site specialist read the scan while I was there 40 minutes later they told me everything checked out and I was free to go.

By the next day headache and pain behind the eye went away the haziness was still around but I didn't think much of it. Then about two days later the eye I had the pain behind, the eyelid feels really heavy as if its trying to be forced closed it could be the eye muscles or maybe the eyelid but its hard to tell its like something is pulling it down. The other thing I've noticed is that it seems my balance is slightly off. I am still able to walk in a straight line and balance on one foot but when I go to walk a specific distance, its a challenge to keep walking straight at night it gets a lot worse.

I went to an optometrist and had a full eye exam done and my retina and everything is great and its not an eye problem. I am scheduled for a physical so I can check my blood work but the earliest appointment I can get is 4 weeks from now plus waiting for the actual results. I thought maybe it could be something neurological but who knows.

I've had the heaviness of the eyelid, foggy vision, bad balance and the vision spot I keep seeing in the same place for about 3 weeks and 5 days. Was just looking for some general info on what kinds of problems cause these symptoms. Thanks for any help.
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