So I had a head stroke or something during work last Monday. I collapsed at work. I had been drinking plenty of water and eating normally. I had enough sleep. We work with heavy large industrial dryers and it was 37 degrees with humidity that day I believe.
After I collapsed, I was confused, I would stutter, and I couldn’t finish my sentences. My head kept falling and I couldn’t think straight. I would say dumb things and I couldn’t control it. My mind kept telling me something is wrong, my body and mind felt like they were 2 completely different entities. It happened to me at 1pm, I worked until 5 (moving like a zombie the whole time). I went home and couldn’t stop myself from sleeping,
I took the next day off, I was feeling light headed and somewhat had a headache and I would get annoyed pretty quickly.
Wednesday I went back to work, and again I started to get the same symptoms. I started to slowly get the same symptoms, starting at 1pm, I worked until 4 (like a zombie again). I started crying and asking myself “what the heck is wrong with me” and couldn’t stop. I remember getting really afraid that something was actually wrong with me.
I took Thursday off, to get some rest. I slept for a very long time, but my head still kept throbbing and I had mild confusion.
Friday, I tried my absolute best. I drank 2 litres of water every 30 minutes, I ate nutritious food all day, and I kept soaking my shirt so I wouldn’t overheat. Yet again, at around 12pm, I started showing the same symptoms. I worked until 2:30pm.
Today is Saturday, and at about 2pm I started to get a bad headache, dizziness and mild confusion. My head still throbs as I write this.
All of the pain is in my brain. I can’t stop my head from swaying, I can’t think hard or my brain hurts. I have no idea what’s going on and I am slightly fearful.
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replied June 2nd, 2018
Sorry I meant to write heat stroke not head stroke
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