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Heartburn and pain in upper back

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I have heartburn several times a week, the pain starts in my chest then up through to my throat. I also have a pain in the middle of my upper back, it feels like I have been winded. It can be very painful indeed. I also berp all the time, I can relieve it sometimes by drinking fizzy pop then have a huge belch. I also take medication for the heartburn from my GP. Had a test for Hpliori that is negative. The pains can last for several hours, it is usually worse at night. My stomach makes very loud noises too. I do suffer from anxiety and understand all about it, which can make things worse, although I do understand that anxiety can produce these symptoms. Had anxiety for 7 years, but only these symptoms for three months. It is the pain in my back that back that I do not like. If it is this I didn't know acid & it's symptoms can be so severe. Could I have a Haitus hernia?

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