Hello from bejuduth:
Just want to let you know that I've suffered with my heartbeat pounding in the right ear, for three days. I tried various relaxants and stomach remedies during the nights of sleeplessness.
Yesterday I decided that I must do something about my diet as I live in a seniors home with my ailing husband and the food is mostly overcooked, over sugared and lacking in what is desperately needed to fight disease.
I went through my refrigerator and found carrots, turnips, cabbage and celery that I had purchased with good intentions last month.
I had a small electric food chopper so I prepared some of it, cut it up, and chopped it all together.
I put it in a bowl and took it to the dining room and accepted only two small potatoes and a little chicken, from the server.
I ate the potatoes with a small bit of the chicken and a good helping of my chopped vegetables. about one cup full.
After the meal I immediately felt better. I did the same thing for the last meal of the day.
My problem of heartbeat pounding in my right ear had been bothering me mostly at night while trying to sleep. When I went to bed the symptoms had completely vanished and I slept good. In fact, sitting on my chair watching TV. I fell into a deep sleep. I encourage everyone to include good raw vegetables in their diet. I refuse to eat the salads that are saturated with sugared dressings as I have a blood sugar problem.
My conclusion: Eating the overcooked breaded fish and meats, the overcooked vegetables and refusing to eat the over sugared salads was not giving me what I needed to fight disease. I still have the strength to drive downtown and get what I need to fight the situation. I hope this helps others who are suffering with the problem of "heart pounding in the right ear."

Yours Truly, bejuduth

Am I allowed to add: (If not, please just delete and allow the above? )
These poor people who have lived here for years! One woman has sores all over her face that keep spreading. One man looks more like a balloon. I've heard the expression, "Wheat belly". I've seen him with four or five 1/2 sandwiches on his plate. He must feel awfull.
They gave us a form to fill in regarding the meals. I filled it in but when speaking to one of the other residents here I discovered that nothing changes so I discarded my letter.
I guess its possible that I'm not allowed to talk about the above in this forum. If so I would still like to let people know about the remedy I found.

Yours Truly,
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