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Heart rhythm and lung problems?

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I had a 24-hour tape (Holter monitor) a couple weeks ago because of my massive breathing problems. Am having them while being active AND when am lying down at night and they keep getting worse.
I got asthma, but my inhalers have always helped me pretty well so far, but they don't seem to do a lot against those complaints am having recently.
I also have an extremely irregular heartbeat which is either too fast (> 120 bpm when resting) with nausea or too slow (about 40ish beats) with dizziness.
In both cases I am very exhausted and breathing usually is very hard.
My pulse can go from racing to slow in a minute.
At night I more and more frequently wake up gasping for breath if I manage to sleep at all due to the breathing problems, in the mornings I feel dead.
Some nights I have to go for a pee quite a lot, but by far not every night.
Going for a short walk is unbelievably exhausting and I usually have to sit or lie down after.
They even appear when just resting, today even with dizziness.
I hope, the EKG can finally help me receiving treatment, but I'll have to wait a bit for the results still.
About me: I am 20, about 5.7 tall, 57 kg, played soccer and went jogging for years, am defo not an athlete, but neither am I unfit, I'd say about average.
I don't smoke (never have!), hardly ever drink alcohol and eat relatively healthy (hardly any fast food, I cook a lot).
I don't have any allergies, had quite a few of allergy tests in the past.
I know you're probably not doctors, but does somebody have a tip what that could be and/or what I could do in the meantime while am waiting on the results? (Got an appt. on Monday.)
It is really getting to a stage where I gets really really annoying, I almost have to sit in bed at night trying to get some sleep coz of the chest complaints..
Oh, and btw, two docs said I had a heart murmur during auscultating my chest..

Thank you very much!
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