Hey their guys

Last night at about midnight after hours of drinking bourbon and smoking tobacco i went out to have one last smoke b4 bed and my heart rate sped up to 130 a minute ( resting ) I couldnt sleep because i could feel my chest pounding which is very irritable so i went to the hospital at about midnight. It wasnt the alchohol or tobacco that causes it in the first place but i belive it induced it to happen. I was taken to the hospital and my ESG or whatever that machine is called that does print outs on the electricity output on your heart or whatevr was fine but my heart rate was just way to high. So im currently on medication to lower it when it happens but i can still at the moment feel something werid in my chest.

im going for blood tests tomorrow for these things ( dont know what they mean but u guys might )


what do they all mean?
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replied June 11th, 2008
You high heart rate (tachicardia) was confirmed by the ECG. Doctor ordered these laboratory tests to estimate your general health condition and to find out if there is some reason outside the heart that causes tachicardia in your case.
Blood glucose level is the major indicator for diagnosing diabetes or hypoglycemia.
Thyroid stimulant hormone (TSH) and thyroxine (T4) are used to evaluate the function of the thyroid gland. Many thyroid disorders can have impact on heart rate.
Complete blood count (CBC) can give us information if you have some infection or anemia or can give us directions for further examinations.
Ferritin is blood marker used to estimate the iron reserves in the body. Low ferritin is indicator for iron deficit anemia than can also cause tachicardia.
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replied June 17th, 2008
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mmhmmm u have tachycardia. I am 14 yrs old and i have it too (supraventricular tachycardia) . my normal resting hreart rate is between 160-180. i have it really bad though, U dont have it as serious. medications have not worked very well for me. i went through many of the same tests as u but i also went on a holter moniter and a had an ultrasound as well.

good luck i hope it goes well 4 u Smile
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