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Heart problems at 30 ? Hear my story

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Ok I need help!
Alot has happened in 8 months so let me try to shorten it up somewhat.

8 months ago I was an active , funny, fun loving father of a 9 year old daughter and soon to be father of a baby boy.

Well my girlfriend was 8 months pregnant and my work asked me to go away for a job. ( I'm a roofer)
I didn't want to but my gf told me to go cause we needed the money and it wasn't that far away abut 4 hours.
I use to be a smoker ( pack and a half a day) but had quit due to the new baby on the way.
It had been like 3 or four months without smoking.
As soon as I went away with my crew that all changed.
I was working long long hours cause they wanted the job done quick.
By the time we got back to our tiny hotel rooms there wasn't much time to do anything
So what do a bunch of roofers do after work? We drank.
At first I didnt drink alot just a few beers here and there. But the longer we were up there
I was tired, sore, etc so I started to drink more a couple nights a week I was buzzed if not trashed.
Wich wasn't too bad except I started smoking up there. Pretty quickly too.
It started with one, two, drink a little maybe a few more. Before I knew it people were sick
Of me bumming cigarettes off of them so I ended up buying my own.

Now the reason why I'm adding all this is I'm thinking it might have alot to do with my condition .
Well back to the story.

All that went on for about 3 and a half weeks. Everything was fine didn't notice anything different the last day up there I partied pretty hard. I drank beers smoked ciggerrettes and drank henessy. ( I hate henessey)
The last day of work I was so hungover it was rediculous.
It was like a super hangover and I ft it for days. ( about 3)

Now the symptoms begin... ( give or take some symptoms could be anxiety I don't know but here's what happened)

First weekend home a little tired I hang low and play some video games.
I bought a new game that weekend I was eager to play ( that was my thing I know a little immature lol)

As I was playing the game I started to notice a flickering light in my left eye sometimes it would float slowly across
My peripheral vision. I also remember having a real quick stabbing almost electrifying knife feeling splitting my head I. The middle. That only lasted a few seconds so I figured nothing of it maybe my eyes were tired.

Well that was all fine I went to bed. Woke up the next day still feeling a little wierd . Nautious tired and hungover feeling.
But I was in the shower and all of a sudden both my eyeballs had extreme pain below/behind them . Really alarming cause I've never had that happen before. It felt lime some one was peircing the back of my eyeballs. I told my girlfriend we thought maybe I got something in my eye or whatever at work maybe it scratched something. I didn't know
But eventually the pain subsided. Must be nothing. So that night I went to bed like I usually do no prob no pain.

Morning......... what happened?? Omg what is wrong . I woke up so dizzy and light headed and off balance I
Felt like I had been drugged or poisoned in my sleep. I'm not usually a High strung panicky type of person ( atleast I wasn't then) but I was freaking out!!

At that time I had no doctor or dentist or nothing. I hadn't been in years my last do for was
A pediatric doctor. I was for the most part healthy I thought .

A couple days go by I figured it might be a bug or something viral or whatever so I waited.
Still feel the same line a weight is on my head but my arms and legs are light as feathers and my balance is off.

I couldn't wait to find a doctor so I go to the ER. I tell them my symptoms but I'm author nervous
And might of left a few key things out. I told them I was light headed and off balance.
But when the doctor was shining his light at my eyes and making me follow it without moving my head
Something happened. When I looked way to the upper left my eyes felt strained and giggled idk it was very wierd.
Like it was hard to look that way. Anywho they sent me home said maybe something viral it should go away.

It never did. A couple months later I finally find a doctor.
A little hole in the wall no nurses one secretary and him. ( uh oh)
No big deal he's a doctor.

Well,he sits there listening to me and typing things on his little lap top
As I talk about my problem. ......... nothing..... Maybe something viral
He said it should go away. So I go home frustrated .

Weeks go by and things do not get better. In fact they get worse.

I'm sitting in front of my tv playing a game one evening like normal.
Now I have a surround sound system and the register sits under my television.
There is a blue light ring around the volume knob I bought cUse the light looked neat
And it sounded great. ...... Back to the light. I looked at it for a sec and my gf called my
Name or something and I looked away real quick . what??? Did I just see that?

I saw an orange ring in my vision slowly fade away. I blinked my eyes a few times and it had faded.
I had no idea what that was. Now keep in mind I was still lightheaded and off balance so this just added to the WTFs??

I looked down at the ring again and quickly looked away. There was that orange ring again.
Now I'm having a little anxiety at this time. I have had anxiety in the past but nothing major.

All sorts of nutty stuff is running through my head now. I have had some probs with my teeth in the past. Like abcess and broken molars. I instantly thought omg the poison from my abcess is spreading to my eyes or brain idk but it's killing me.
That's when all my rapid google searching had begun.

I googled so much about abcess teeth and what it can do if it spreads and all that. Man that's bad.
It can spread to your brain or heart and lungs etc etc. So I started having major anxiety
I also came apon articles that mentioned brain tumors.

Are u freaking kidding me? I could have a tumor ??

So yeah of course the anxiety got bad. Only while I was googling.
After my gifriend would get mad at me tell me I'm fine and to stop looking [email protected] up online.

I did stop. For a while. I forgot to mention my do for sent me to an ENT ( before I had the visual symptoms)
Just might headed and stuff. He just talked to be didn't look at anything. He scheduled me for an MRI With and without contrast. Just to rule things out with the brain. Omg!! That got me starting to think about the tumor again.
I must of looked at every symptom site and tumor site because by now I was determined that I had a tumor.

Well....... The ENT said the test was negative except for a small Hypersomething or other in my left frontal white matter but was said to be nothing. ( even that freaked me out I googled it but forget the name he used)

So still........ No results. The ENT said maybe a virus. Holy sh&t with this virus already it's been line 4 months.
(oh my gf had our baby by now too ,beautiful baby boy healthy and I love him so much)

I had put alot of strain on my relationship especially during her last month of pregnancy. She hated me for it. said I ruined what was supposed to be a special time for us. I did agree to some extent. But I felt like I was dying!!

Well after a couple more doc visits with him just looking at me like I'm some crazy
Wack job. I decided to have my eyes checked.

Maybe it could be but why would I be dizzy?
I saw an eye doctor and he did prescribe me glasses said I had astigmatism.
Ummm ? I doubt it but ok. He also said something that bothered me. At the end of the session I asked him well did u see
Anything bad in there. ( I also forgot to mention by this time there were some blue spots on the inside of my sclera on both eyes (the white part of the eye)) I thought it was melanoma or something cause I'm a roofer and I'm always in the sun with no sunglasses. I heard melanoma can start in the eyes.

No nothing but he did ask me if my father died at a young age. WHAT????
He said I had cholesterol build up in my eyes. There was a name for it it began with an A I forget the name though.

Now I'm def a nervous wreck. Look at all my symptoms and the eye doc asks me if my dad died young. ( he didn't I don't think)

So Time passes and I visit an eye specialist cause I was still worried.
This time the eye doctor guy says he sees some pigment clumping and maybe signs of degenerative diseases.
Omg I hated what he said. He was so nice and said not to worry but of course i was worried as all hell!!

I instantly thought melanoma now. He said pigment clumping. ..........yeah melanoma has something to do with pigment!!

Ok so now I go to a retina specialist . In the meantime between all of this I had four teeth removed that were junk nothing they could do 2 were wisdom anyway.

Ok retina specialist starts poking and prodding very roughly may I add it felt like he was going to pop my eye out. It was horrible. He was sticking a metal prob thing behind my eye and pulling my eyeball forward.
A very nasty procedure. Well guess what he found. He had no idea why I was seeing instant negative after images ( palinopsia ) but that wasn't eye related. What he did find were holes in my retina.
Are u [email protected]&ing me now??

So a horrible laser eye surgery later and still no results. He basically melted the holes closed. He said it was caused by blunt trauma of some sort like a punch to the face. Ummmm I haven't fought since like highschool. But anyways.

By this time I was pretty used to my symptoms I don't know if the off balance went away or I just repealed to balance my self but the lighted was gone most of the time now. Still had major after images.
I started constantly wearing sun glasses cause the sun bothers me so bad.

Any bright colors would cause me to see what ever object I had looked at for a second I would still see that object when I looked away. But a negative image that would last a while.

I can't believe how much I've typed so far I'm just reliving this all in my head I'm sorry.
I'll fast forward this a bit.

Ok all that had happened and alot of other symptoms aches and pains some intuit k was anxiety but not sure.
At one point I felt tightness in my arms and like a burning in arms and legs.

I started dealing with all this even though very stressed I had to do it for my family.
Until I started getting weak. I don't know how else to describe it but sometimes I get so weak I my arms and legs I cry. I have ringing in my ears constantly fuzzy headed sometimes
Tired and fatigued I always feel like I could take a nap but never do cause I'm stubborn .

The bottom line is I'm always fatigued and usually so weak it's unbearable. And noone has done anything for me
My girlfriend threatens to leave me all the time cause she thinks I'm fine.

Everytime I've been to the doctor my blood pressure has been high. But my !**@! doctor seems to not be worried about it.

It was normal last time I went . I had my blood done and cholesterol was high but
Doc said I was young and not to worry.
I had another test recently and omg is my cholesterol high.

My cholesterol is 239
Tryglycerides are 292 ( 238 four months ago)
Hdl is 30 ( supposed to be like 50 or something
My LDL is 175 and that's supposed to be between 0 and 100.

I have also been having heart pains come and go lately. Pains in my left arm etc.
Having a stress test soon and my doc wants me on cholesterol meds.

I don't know what to do. I actually have the flue or something right now I've been extreamly dizzy and weak with mucus and lots of blood when I blow my nose. I've had stomache pains here and there I had a bloody stool once actually no stool just blood but I was taking Alot of aspirin cause I thought I had heart problems. I discontinued the aspirin and have not seen anymore blood. Sometimes grey or green stool though. But bounces back to normal. I do still have an abcessed tooth waiting on extraction. I am a complete mess right now emotionally and physically. I feel like I have no options. What is wrong with me ?? I know my cholesterol is high but cholesterol is said to have no symptoms until it's too late. Do I have heart failure or disease?? I need help I'm so dizzy right now and so weak I'm sweating writing this. I need to be here for my family especially my baby boy who is 6 months now. Today is my birthday and I feel like in dying. Everyday I feel like I'm waiting for the end. I never want to do anything. I don't even want to go to work anymore. They think it's all in my head too and that I'm all of a sudden lazy. It's hard to work in so weak. My head is so heavy. Pleas help me someone.

I guess I'll see what the stress test says. What
Meds are good to take for cholesterol by the way? With minimum side effects.
I'm eating healthy now I don't smoke again and no drinking. I feel so horrible especially today cause I'm actually sick ( cold or flu) I just want to know that I'm not dying atleast not soon. If anyone wants to email me I would appreciate it. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest and hearing my story.

A desperate father
Matt. B
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replied February 21st, 2011
Ok update: I went to the ER again cause I can't take it anymore. They checked my heart and vitals and X-ray to see if my heart was enlarged and as far as emergencys go. There were no e of the heart. Witch I didn't think there was an emergency yet but I thought something might of been wrong. Ether way I have a stress test coming yo and a check up with the cardiologist . We will see. Although I've been thinking and all my symtoms
still kind of point to a tumor or some type of cancer. I am very worried I hate no knowing.
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replied February 25th, 2011
You might mention to your doctor a cerebral vasculitis. I have retinal vasculitis in my left eye and they instantly checked by brain for the same thing. It can cause all kinds of symptoms, headache, dizziness, strange things happening in your vision. It would be worth it to check. Usually for vasculitis they put you on a pretty good dosage of some kind of steroid for the inflamation. I hope you find out something helpful! Good luck!
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replied April 3rd, 2011
Ok I am really scared now. My whole body has become weak. It is off and on but mostly on. Everyday around 9 am I start to feel sick. I have started taking simvastaton for my cholesterol and so
Something else for my blood pressure. I felt really wierd when I first started taking them by then again with all that's going on I always feel wierd. But now that constant cheat pain I have had seems to be moving to my left arm some. Today it feels like it's also up my neck and in my ear also. I don't know what to do. I try to stay calm but Boone is doing anything for me and I am suffering. This is so horrible. I'm having palpitations once and a while and I am very shaky and weak. Still have the vision problems also.

My doc Never calls me back o tells m anything . He is useless and a waste of f&@king money and time. I wan to find a be one but I'm afraid I don't have time. I am almost 90% sure I have something very serious. From lung cancer to abcess to som type of infection.
I know I sound nuts but I've been doing research for almost a year now and almost all my symptoms are pointing towards cancer or abcess or heart probs . ( although the cardiologist that did my stress test said at the time there was no blockages.)

I dOnt know what to say here this is just my own venting post I guess. Although any advice is defiantly welcCome. I might gobto ER tomorrow since it's getting worse. I also get the constricting feeling in my arm and chest off and on
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