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heart attack symptoms relieved by shoulder massage

early this morning i awoke to symptoms of a heart attack. I am 48 years old and a smoker so this is a possibility. However when my neck and shoulders were rubbed the synmptoms went away. What could this be? Can a heart attack symptoms be relieved this way? Still feeling heavy in the chest but not real heavy or painful more like my chest has been strained
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replied July 30th, 2009
Be aure to still go to the doctor..You could have had a spasm or could actually still be in the throes of possible attack..

It could also be a number of different htings..When my gallbaldder becasme a problem I hurt so bad I tought i was having an attack I even took Bayer asparin as this is highly recommended..Turned out that the pain was the gallbaldder..The second attack was much worse and I ended up being admitted to the hsoptial for 24 hr. antibiotics and then surgeyr..

If you are uncomfortables go to the ER..Safe than sorry.k
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