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heart attack symptoms, cant stop worrying


3-4 weeks ago I had really bad chest pain going to sleep. Since then everything has been getting worse. The pain comes and goes and usually goes along with other pains that are signs of heart attacks. right now it is the worst it has ever been. I feel a weird pain in the left side of the neck that i don't even know how to describe. i feel it in my cheek and my eyes and my head. my chest hurts, my face feels weird, the pain is in my arm my back my stomach...i've never felt this before. I had an ekg and chest scan a little over three weeks ago and the doctor said it was "basically" normal (why would he say basically!? that keeps me up at night). When he realized how anxious I was he told me that nothing was wrong, there was zero percent that I was going to have a heart attack, and suggested I talk to a therapist. I'm 18, and I have some belly fat but am not overweight and don't have heart disease run in my immediate family so I know I'm not at high risk for a heat attack but the pain and fear won't leave me alone.

This was my first semester at college and my anxiety and hypochondria that I have faced for most of my life definitely got worse when I left. The pain started at school and thought coming home for break would relax me and help me get over this anxiety but the pain is just getting worse.

I went back to my cognitive behavioral therapist who has helped with my past disease fears (rabies, e. coli, etc.) and he showed me this video as an exposer that showed all the symptoms of heart attacks and I literally have all of them. My parents aren't allowed to reassure me and if i even asked about seeing a doctor they'd yell at me. I'm terrified that things got worse since the ekg or they missed something. I can't fall asleep and I'm terrified that I won't wake up in the morning. I know I'm not likely to have heart disease but I am terrified every day and don't know how to get over this. I really would love to hear that other people deal with these pains and they aren't anything. Could this all be from anxiety? It comes even when I'm not feeling anxious which really freaks me out. Anyone facing similar issues? Please, if anyone has any reassurance or advice, that would be amazing! I'm so nervous!!!!
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replied January 2nd, 2013
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There are many factors that would concern anyone in the functioning of our system. When I started seriously looking at antioxidant's, I than realize what a difference it can make.

Antioxidants are natural biochemical substances that guard and protect our body and our trillions of cells from the many badly damaging effects of free radicals, like our heart.

What have you been doing to provide the tools for your body to have balance and more ability to function the way it is designed to?
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