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Heart attack symptoms bought on by driving

Hey everyone, im not really sure which section to put this as i have so many symptoms and been to several different doctors and still cant find out what wrong with me. i would really love if i found some good advice or answers it would mean THE WORLD to me and my family please bare with me,

so for about 3 years i have had these symptoms
1. a feeling of lack of oxygen feeling of a heart attack in my chest sometimes get a tingly left arm with it a also small loss of felling in my joints and left leg
2. a small niggling pain in my lower left abdomen front and back
3. middle to lower back pain
4 a general face fog/ lightheaded feeling

sneezing seems to make me feel slightly relieved as does passing wind / burping but not much or for long also hot showers help a little.

now i have looked a lot into anxiety /panic attacks and feel that maybe there a symptom of my problem not the cause as i can be highly stressed or anxious and not have these symptoms, the one sure way i can bring these symptoms on is going for a long drive (short ones are fine) and i drive a little have to pull over get out the car walk around hop back in drive a little ect ect

i can exercise and stuff without much of a problem but sometimes it happens random times ie its happened a couple of times watching a movie

i have had ECG stress and halter done which was fine an echo also fine, seen a neurologist and had a ekg? (the one where they flash lights at you) the results were strangely fine even though i swear they wouldn't be, you see, during the test were they make you take really deep breaths i got the symptoms i have described which lead me to believe they would have found the problem but no Sad

i am a 28 yo male ex smoker quit for about 3 years now a little overweight and don't exercise a lot

sorry im not really the most articulate person ( which makes it harder for me to tell the doctors exactly whats wrong) but would really appreciate any advice in this matter could really be a life saver

thank you very much for your time in reading this and wish you all the best
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First Helper Auzzzybattler

replied May 28th, 2012
Hi, I'm a 32 y/o male and I have a lot of the same symptoms. Ex smoker a bit over weight, stressful job, and I was diagnosed with lung deformations like the beginning stages of copd. I get these wierd pains in my chest that worry me so badly that I don't know if I have MI symptoms or just a panic attack. I'm just curious how you are now and if you have had any luck with the doctors? I'd like to correspond with you. I feel desperation almost every day to have answers. I'd gladly give you my email address.
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