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Heart attack symptoms, afraid about my heart condition.

Hell all,

My name is Pavle and i am 24 year old. Pretty young to ask questions like this, but here it goes.

My father died 9 years ago. he didn't die from heart attack but from ill aorta, over night. Since then, i am sometimes afraid about my heart condition. Had few tests, all is normal.

6 days ago, for 30 seconds or so, my heart was bumping irregularly and i felt dizzy at the time. It happens sometimes to everyone. But it happened the following day as well. Never so near time wise.

And i got afraid. started to look for heart attack symptoms. And once i find a symptom (didn't have one before), i felt it. I think it's mental thing, but still have to ask. The day i was looking for symptoms the first time, found out that pain in the chest and neck often happens. It happened few hours since i found out about it. Went to bed, when i woke up, i didn't have any pain.
I looked at some health sites again, found out that your left arm can hurt, so the following day, it did. All the pain i experienced is not actually a pain, nothing strong, but kind of shivers, and often my adrenaline got pumped up, so did the heart rate, and felt dizzy. Then i would say to myself it's nothing, and it would go away.

Other symptoms i have seen on internet is vomiting, being pale, hard breathing, dizziness, huge pain in the chests and often the back, arms.. I have nothing of it. From time to time small pain in some parts of the body, WHEN i think of this issue.

My question is.. Is it possible that i really have heart attack symptoms, or is just in my head? At this moment i only have shivers in my left arm, and small pain like when you are hungry in my stomach. Nothing else. Some of the symptoms, although week, come and go, and it's like this for a week.

Help please, i don't want to mention this to anyone in my family, since i don't want them to worry for nothing. And thank you in advance.
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replied October 21st, 2012
Ok guys, little update.

I went to cardiologist, in two different hospital in fact, 5 of them looked at me. I am fine, at least my heart is. Nothing wrong with it, it seems everything was in my head.

I still feel some pain in the chest, anxiety and fear. But it's smaller than before. Anything you can suggest that can help me? Something, but no pills...
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