So as the topic says my heart and head aches quite a lot recently. Here's the whole story.

About 3 months ago while sitting in front of pc all of a sudden my head start aching in the left side only. I felt like I'm gonna pass out but i took deep breathes , relaxed and after 2 minutes i was fine. The thing is from the next morning my head started aching all day long. Painkillers did nothing. That kept going for 5 days. In the 5th day my heart started aching too. As the day went on the more the pain grew. In the night(around 22:00)in addition to these symptoms all the veins in my body felt like they are gonna explode.I'm i cant describe it better but that's how it felt. Like the blood is flowing really fast inside me and it's going to burst out. I got really worried and called the doctor and told him the whole story. The only thing he said was too take a painkiller and go visit him the next day. Next day i was a lot better and went to him. After examining me, the only thing he said was that i was perfectly healthy and that this thing is caused my stress.

Thing is, as i said to the doctor, that I'm NOT stressed. I was never a nervous person in my life. And after that my head and heart kept aching till now with various breaks in between them. The pain was never that big as the first time it happened and i never felt like "I'm gonna explode" like i said at start. But it scared my since lot's of times my heart aches along with the veins in my left hand and I'm afraid i might have a hear attack or something like that. Same goes for the head. It doesn't pain me that much and you could say i got used to it by now but it's annoying and it scares me.

I'm 22 years old , and i was healthy my whole life. In addition to that my family has no medical background or anything. I seen the army doctor too and he said i just need to rest. But iv been out for "vacation" 10 days now i get 6-8 hours sleep per day and it still keeps happening. Another thing is that i have NO other symptoms at all. I never puked, never had fever, never felt dizzy, or ANYTHING at all. Any help would be much appreciated.
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replied April 6th, 2011
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