I am 21 and female.
10 months ago I started hearing voices, so the doctor prescribed me medicine. I'm not to keen on psychiatry and stopped taking the medication. I fear that the medicine will do more harm than good.

In the past months the voices went in overdrive. Now I hear them constantly. It went from two time a week to daily. I hear people say things when I am talking to other people and people laughing.

I just want to point out that this is not a schizophrenic illness, because I don't hear things from outside.. it is all in my head

All I want to know is what I should do to make the voices not as bad?
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replied December 8th, 2009
I have the diagnosis Paranoid schitzophrenia, and my voices are in my head, not outside..
I would try the medicine, and ask for another one if it did any harm at all...
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