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Hearing Voices? Psychotic Episodes?

Mental Illness?
14 year old female.
I hear voices ever so often of screaming women or children, the words are often indistinguishable unless this occurs at night (Then the words can be partially understood of what they're screaming.) Often screams of terror or distress.

Also, (not sure if relates) I have these "episodes" where I can't entirely control my actions or emotions. I turn off any lights if it's day time and sit in the corner and draw things. I'm not an artist in the slightest, but I somehow draw incredibly detailed pictures of gory, psychotic things, or people in pain. During these episodes, I will either sing random rhyming words together to make something of a song, or rhyme two words over and over again.
These episodes have been happening more and more often, and I'm becoming really scared. Am I insane?
(Episodes happen 5-10 times a month for about 5-30 minutes each)
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replied March 21st, 2012
Also, I can assure not stress related.

Also to add on the "episodes", I can't remember many things while having the episodes, but can fully recall them afterwards. Also during the episodes, I laugh and find pleasure in the ideas of my own pain, or blood or the pain of others.
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