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HEaring Voices and seeing shadows

I have started to see shadows and hearing voices. I am 47 years old. I am very depressed.
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replied June 9th, 2012
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The shadows are real im afraid.

Of course you are depressed, you are fourty seven.

The voices are also real im afraid.
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replied October 4th, 2018
I HEAR voices and see shadows,if it wasnt for myfiance I wound have never known it was a disorder.Ive been hearing these voices for over 5years now.There is two a Male and a Female,which acuse me of hidious crimes that Id never commit.The female said that i killed my Daughter Sheena.She is alive and doing well,on the 8th she will be 21.The male has been following me around as if he was ploting my death for 5years now calling me a child killer which I clearly am not.This male learks in the dark claiming to be a Us PROSUCTOR.Which I IKNOW HE IS CLEARLY NOT.hE HAS BEEN MAKING UP lies from day one.he has changed 4 jobs in 5 years.i have seen no faces in five years no names but they contentue to claim that there team has found me guilty.An Invisable team,or Invisable camera.Also cameras dont talk,plus IM the only one that can hear there voices,a there someone who i can talk to soon,as this invisable team needs to get on its lieing boat and go back to mars or where it came from.Cause wait till you hear the rest of the lies it tells.Alan W.Underwood J.R.
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