Hello Dr my son is only 5year old is it safe for him to circumsice?
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replied December 20th, 2013
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If there is a medical need to circumcise and the procedure is carried out by medically qualified staff they will make it safe.

If there is no medical need for the procedure it is considered by all but the ill-informed traditionalists to be an illegal assault resulting in the bodily mutilation of a minor.
There has been extensive debate about the subject in recent years and some contributors would like to make the ritual circumcision of minors a criminal offence with serious penalties, so strong are the feelings against the practice.

Today there is adequate clean water and education for the proper cleaning of the penis and foreskin and condoms are available and antibiotics.
Once there was sense in ritual circumcision but today the practice has long outweighed its value and like other mutilations of minors at the hands of misguided adults, they should be outlawed worldwide...

Even if your son has a foreskin so tight it cannot be drawn back for cleaning it isn't a medical need for the operation until every effort has been made to stretch it over an extended period of time.

If your son wishes to be circumcised when he reaches his majority he will be free to consent. Until then neither he or yourself have the right to consent to a criminal assault on his person.
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