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    stings when i pee ! I Think I Have a Uti Or Kidney Stone?
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     Gathering Of Fluid In The Scrotum
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    Odd Pain Under Penis' Crown After Masturbating
    Dull ache when I move right testicle
    Large Bump In Pubic Region Above Penis
    Skin just under the corona of my penis appears to be 'peelin
    Itchy Rash
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    Is It Normal to Pee Four Times a Night?
    Lump On My Testicals
    Penis Is Half White, Half Tan
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    Trouble Being Up
    Coiled Vein At Base of Penis
    Obsessive washing after ejaculation
    Heart Problem!
    Dribbling After Urination
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    Nipples Not Prominent!!
    Two Conditions: Tingling extremities, and purple skin
    Penal Discharge
    Nipple Problems
    Help! Pls Right Testicle Shooting Pain to Lower Abs
    Out of Range Shbg Levels
    Just Had a Cercumcision
    Head Numbness Type Thing
    Cracked Skin
    Maybe Cfs Or ??????
    Just Wondering
    Sudden Onset Retractile Testes?
    Varicocele Questions.
    27 Yrold Male W/ Involuntary Bowel Movement!
    Achillies Tendonitus
    Aches And Pains
    Testicular Pain And Trapped Wind
    Why Can't a Man Ejackulate
    Loss of Erection From Use of Condoms??? :s
    Blocked Nose
    Tight Foreskin
    Fordyce Condition??
    Uncicumcised Urination - Toilet Paper
    Do Guys Mind Body Hair?
    Is Thick Sticky Sperm Related to Fertility ?
    Unproportioned Rib Cage
    16 Year Old Male - Bumps On Tube to Testical
    Ruff Skin/rash On Chest
    Odly Placed Ab Muscles
    Burning Legs
    Hard Yellow Bumps On Foreskin Around End of Penis
    Body Types And Personality Types
    Help, He Kept Going Soft & I Don't Know If It Was Me
    Severe Stomach Pain
    Scrotum Sac Tightens For Some Reason?
    32 And Rcently Circumcised
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    31-year Old Male With Lump On Chest
    Pain And Burning In Legs And Body
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    Right Testical Pain For Yrs
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    Pains In the Hips
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    Big Balls
    Swollen Lymph Nodes In Armpits And Swollen Nipple
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