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        Pain in gums
        Osteo Bi-flex
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        Never had an orgasm
        Non-Smoker living with heavy smokers
        Healing Boxer's Fracture
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        lump above collar bone
        lumbar spine
        bleeding during sex during pregnancy
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        blood and puss in belly button
        How you get pregnant ?
        Ending pregnancy
        T3/ T4 cells
        Reflection in pupils
        Stomach pain when eating
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        Numbness in back of head
        brown vaginal discharge before menstruation
        Hymen breaking ?
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        stress or am i pregnant ?
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        Mild strangulation and sore throat ?
        Swollen hands and feet
        Dizziness but healthy
        Head is turning bald
        twin babies
        painful lump, above right testical
        Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm
        what is wrong with me??????????????????
        Cracking sound in ear
        Breathing problem in first trimester
        gastric problem and period due
        sharp chest pains
        Dripping after urination
        Constant nose irritation
        High HCH levels at 17 weeks
        numb middle finger
        Noises in head
        Probiotics and digestive aids
        High hcg levels
        Pain in right shoulder
        Vertigo treatment
        Feeling bloated without eating
        bleeding for 8 weeks after termination
        Humanpapilloma virus
        Removing nerve on side
        Fatigue and Sensitive to Light
        12 day early spotting
        Potential Pregnancy?
        Coccyx pain
        chronic constipation
        intestinal allergies
        low back pain
        What day did I conceive?
        Yeast and Birth Control?
        no menstrual periods , but i want to get pregnant
        Chronic pancreatitis
        Pressure in ovaries
        cyst on labia minora
        hypertention fever and shakiness
        leaky nipples
        birth control
        Brain Haemorrhage during Hepatitis treatment
        i can not go to the bathroom and i am pregnant.
        I may be pregnant
        Pulsing Throat and Headache
        Ruined sex life
        false postive for hep C
        Fainting after falling on head
        Gallbladder removal and pancreatitis
        lumbar spondylosis + PIVD
        Mini stroke
        Vagina pain
        after child birth
        Repeat hormone blood test ?
        swallowed glass!!
        Sural Nerve
        Common cold and blood in stool ?
        Abdominal and pelvic vibrations
        need help