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    Itchiness between buttocks, could it be herpes?
    regarding herpes
    I want to testify of how i got cured from Herpes.
    how to get cured from herpes??
    Constant cold sores... I have tried everything.
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    sores don't particularly look like the typical herpes lesion
    cold like symptoms could be the beginnings
    frustrated that it hasn't been 'confirmed' by testing.
    HSV-1 or canker sore?
    hsv1 orally and genitally?
    small bumps on the inside of my foreskin.
    I don't know whether this is herpes or other std or contact
    penis warts and i am in a 5 year relationship
    hsv 2 flagged high <5 what does this mean?
    hpv??or something else I accidentally touched his water
    HSV2 Symptoms?
    a group of painless cauliflower bumps
    What are my odds of having transmitted herpes to her?
    a crippling fear of contracting HSV2
    sex with multiple partners, I now have a cluster of bumps
    Asymptomatic HPV in Men
    can she still spread the HPV virus?
    Do i have herpes??....
    Can the herpes virus survive in vinegar?
    I've been seeing and feeling changes, herpes or HPV?
    Bump on inside vagina flap
    Help what is this? herpes?
    Are these Finger Like Projections Herpes, HPV or Something Else?
    herpes type 1
    sore pubic area. Is this hsv2 or herpes?
    have discharge bad but how do I help my herpes?
    How to select Best Herpes Dating Sites?
    I a scared I need to go get tested
    probability that I gave him HSV2 from one encounter?
    ulcer looks exactly like the one you have in your mouth
    getting the same infection after one or two month...
    can give the infection to my children by hugging and kissing
    he used to have the HPV (genital warts) could I get it?
    At risk for HPV?
    hard ish cluster of fleshy colored bumps on his penis
    do i have genital warts or something else?
    Worried my herpes will spread to my eye
    How easy is it to spread to other places on your body?
    Single red flat lesion on shaft, tiny - Herpes or Trauma?
    I do not know whether it is acne or a dangerous cold sore.
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    Herpes and Genital Warts Question
    genital warts transmitted after 5 years of being wart free
    Is it possible to contract HsV2 with what I did.
    I found blisters on me
    found out i have genital herpies, now nothing works
    Few questions about HSV1
    HPV Test Negative?
    HPV Test Negative?
    Genital warts, married and faithful 27yrs. wife is negative
    confused as to how I may have an std
    genital warts??
    confused as to how I may have an std and I am very scared
    Fine Water bumps?
    looks like a 2 ulcers on my shaft
    Herpes, rash, poison ivy??
    red bumps ooze a yellow liquid and hardly stop.
    condyloms, Do You think that I am HPV positive?
    embarrassing inch sized lump
    no physical sign of a cold sore outbreak at the time
    Wrong Diagnosis?! HPV warts?!
    tingling began on my lips almost 3 wks ago, fordyce spots?
    skin tag like skin growths grow straight back
    Spots on penis, thinking the worse
    my herpes very bads
    genetal warts, just want to ask if there is a cure.
    Scabbed Cold Sore and Oral Sex
    Can I get hsv 2 from kissing
    Should I trust my test results?
    chances of me getting hsv 2. I had hsv 1 since I was small
    popped a little bump And now there are loads more.
    did I become immune to HPV?
    might have been infected unknowingly with HPV?
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