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        esphogus I do have a hernia small
        have lost my appetite and lost 45 lbs. am i passing polyps?
        my stomach it feels like it's filled with watery fluid.
        I have a cafe and 15 min later I get severe pain
        rectal pain will wake me up
        semi -loose or unformed stool always an urge to go?
        Digestive disorders?
        bloated stomach, and the need to clear his throat?
        on fire, dizzy, and severe diarrhea Then her body locked
        How to prevent farting
        burning in esophagus and stomach whole day..and nausea
        more blood than usual and now I have a tear above the anus?
        Blood in stool and in the toilet after a bowel movement
        can't tolerate milk, Soy or Almond. what is the problem?
        Boyfriend Bellyache, to hospital or not?
        Chronic Constipation for Years, Please Help
        Reflux, chills, shaking, vomiting, and heart pain after eating.
        blood in my stool my stomach hurts
        2-3 Bowel movements in mornings
        a way I can get one complete bowel movement?
        What do polyps look like?
        Dark flaky stools accompanied by mucusy diarrhea - Plz advise.
        bleeding and getting white/yellowish discharge from my bum?
        Horrible gas, uncontrollable
        advised to take this mega el dena?
        pains in my lower back, and below my stomach?
        Going to the bathroom too dark
        pain in my back after bowel movement
        blood on toilet paper after bowel movement?
        Unusual question about rectum size & shape??
        What is best treatment for purge & dump?
        bloody mucus, constipation, abdominal pain
        swollen and painful stomach
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        My stool looks like it has little black oil slicks.
        I just returned home from Rynosa, Mexico
        Painless Red Stool
        ulcerative colitis- I just pass bloody mucus...
        can't digest raw or cooked fruits or veggies
        I have to run to the bathroom with severe diarrhea
        Permanent diaoree
        constant diarrhea for the past 4 weeks?
        pains(cramps) and diarrhea for 3 weeks..
        Ibs and stomach issues
        Backed up Bowels, Still losing Weight?
        periodically experiencing gas and severe diarrhea.
        Capsule Endoscopy near Toronto.
        Accidentaly swallowed ribbon
        Do I have to change my diet or are these serious symptoms.?
        Do I have to change my diet or are these serious symptoms?
        faster bowel movements and stool contain mucus from last 8 month
        mid right side back pain along with digestive gas problem
        Light Green Bowel Movements
        Rectal Pain - hemorroid or an anorectal abscess?
        7 weeks now :( I feel so down and useless please anyone !!
        Inability to burp?
        Defecation 5-7 times daily, Tightness in throat, vomiting
        can't burp or pass gas
        Blood and Mucus in stool-bubbly stomach
        Blood and Mucus in stool?
        Stomach pains and loose green diarrhea
        prolonged loose stools.....
        prolonged loose stools
        I need some direction... because I am out of ideas
        This is gastritis right?
        Yellow liquidy Diarhea, Stomach Pain, Morning Sickness (Male)
        Possible Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
        IBS, and a lactose intolerance after parasites?
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        mucus twinged with pink blood?
        White fishy smelling discharge from
        White fishy smelling discharge from anus
        a cluster of symptoms
        Is there any over the counter relief?
        blood Mucus in stool.
        Cant go to the toilet, yellow Mucus
        stool that seems normal but comes out dark green?
        Severe Constipation - bowel obstruction?
        Severe Constipation ,.
        a feeling of my stomach & lower stomach knotting up
        having loose bowels for about a month
        Large stools
        unable to stool 5 days after chest surgery
        doctor said diarrhea has nothing to do with the c section
        abdominal cramping followed by BM changes. had IBS over 30 yrs
        What is going on with my bowels and intestines??
        constipation, with bad nausea, cramps, hot flashes, headache