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    bump on hairline causing headaches, confusion, dizzyness,
    looked like a patch of blood splattered under the skin
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    Lump under right rib cage + pain in right shoulder blade
    Welcome to ==== ==
    desperate for answers
    lump changes size and he has so much pain
    a lump on my right side of my neck, dizzy, headaches...
    Can your story help?
    how can the re occurrence of tumor be avoided
    Possible Lipomas On Rib Cage, possibly liposarcoma?
    can a pilonidal cyst be conneted to cancer?
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    have you seen this
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    herbal receipt
    difficulty swallowing/eating, excess saliva production.
    Smoking/Drinking and my risk for cancer
    lump in my chest, just below my sternam
    lump in my chest, just below my sternam halved in size
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    Morinzhi ( Morinda Citrifolia )
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    The Truth About Cancer
    The Truth About Cancer
    lump in my neck the size of a golf ball!
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    lump on the back of my neck, i have lost 65 pounds
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    mum and nan has past away from cancer and others...
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    What are the symptoms of Cancer?
    Buy Curcumin
    Help please, im scared.
    friend suffering from cml leukemia
    Headaches. Weight loss. No appetite. Swollen Glands. Tired. Weak
    rem oval is risky? Risky, as in messing up my face.
    Lumps in my neck and under my chin.
    how we detect the early stage of cancer.
    Worried about cancer
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    I hope my story will touch and helps others. Please read!
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     Is a tumor the most probable cause of kidney lesions?
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    Soft tissue lump.
    lump is not red at all, just hard and tender to the touch...
    the lump is about the size of a ping ping ball.