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    Mass attached to base of r. tonsil
    survival for a bladder cancer patient?
    Painless Lump of Skin on the Top of the bottom Inner Lip
    what could it be?
    it doesn't move and isn't tender, but does have me worried
    oval shaped lump about the size of half a tangerine
    Hard lump way up, in the inside of the jawline. Doesnt move.
    is this cancer?
    a mass in my neck, lumps in my underarms...
    Sternum Pain, small lump has goten the size of an Orange
    What are symptoms of bladder cancer
    Bicep Lumps
    lymph node swelling
    lump on left hand side of history of cancer
     lump under my armpit really tender and sore.
    Lump under my right arm. Please help.
    Cancer scare-lump, tired, hair loss, aching body
    CT Scan Report and conclusion
    worried about cancer risk for 4 yr old, had ct scan & vcug
    a cluster of three abnormalities under my armpit
    are all tumors testicular cancer?
    found a hard lump on the left back side of my head
    found a hard lump on the left back side of my head
    what is the sore hard knot on back of my head?
    they are about the size of a pea a little bit sore
    a black/grayish/purplish spot behind my tonsil.
    How do I know if Cancer is Hereditary
    6mm cancerous tumor on appendix removed, more lumps...
    should I have my tumor checked?
    unexplained lump with a constant bruise
    unexplained lump
    small black ball coming up from underneath my skin?
    tired, headaches, pains, what has happened?
    Did anyone feel this way before being diagnosed
    throat biopsy - what are the risks?
    Palpable lymph nodes in neck for months - should I worry?
    Has anyone heard of scarcenoma?
    a certain cell that points to possible scarcenoma?
    Two weird lumps on my bcieps!
    visible quarter sized lump in calf?
    marijuana for nausea what are the real concerns?
    Lump on sternum, center of chest.
    lumps on head and neck.
    just fatty lumps in the fatty tissue of lower abdomen?l
    ping pong ball sized lump doesnt move
    chronic diarrhea constipation after chemo and radiation
    Lump on arm above my armpit. No idea what it is.
    my throat hurts on the outside hurts to the touch...
    possible armpit cancer lump
    There is help and hope
    cancer runs in my family could this be...
    Lumps on head and neck
    several hard, immovable lumps on the bottom back of my head.
    Medical Oncology Services At El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Cent
    found small lumps, but dont feel unwell in the slightest
    Cancers Question
    do his symptoms point to cancer?
    lip cancer biopsy procedure?
    Free cancer medicine
    Metastatic Nodular Melanoma.
    concerned about a lump in my groin, 18 yr old female
    women- lump on breastbone
    soreness of head
    Cancer Documentary
    Lump in mouth cheek brust..
    cancer under thumbnail spreading to other parts of body?
    cancer killer discovered
    lump on my right collar bone at the shoulder end.?
    What is the main cause and age for cancer...?
    a swelling in my right side of my mouth Is it Oral Cancer?
    Any one else had this happen?
    Is it possible to have cancer only show in bonemarrow?
    Bleeding gums, swollen throat, flu symptoms keep returning
    drug contraindications
    cancer free for 10 yrs, seeing small lumps in armpit?
    Cytotoxic T Cells -
    lump on top of my head is somewhat squishy, but...
    a lump above my breast next to the armpit, not painful....
    side of hip oval shaped lump soft and tender...
    feels like a small round ball, what do you think it is?
    little hard lump under the skin of my armpit?
    mesothelioma cancer
    what can couse to bhcg to rise? malignant/bengine?
    Pre cancerous cells in uterus
    swollen tonsil & 4 cm enlarged neck lymph nodes & no ans
    Do these lab results along with my symptoms point to cancer?
    Large growth in lower abdomin/upper pubic area
    What is this lump on my Brothers head?
    Lump under jaw, submandibular area, an artery, a muscle...?
    Does this mole look like it could be cancerous?