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        Vagina smells badly
        Symptoms after unprotected sex
        Clitoris too sensitive
        No Feeling
        Painful Intercourse - Burning/Stinging/Tightness
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        stinging vulva
        No orgasm/cum , sex therapist
        Doubt about pregnancy
        brown discharge with clots
        painful bump inner labia
        whitish discharge , itchiness and odor in urine
        whitish discharge , itchiness and odor in urine
        bright red bleeding and abdominal pain
        UTI and Periods
        Less period blood, and Spotting or Period?
        GYN problems
        Infection risks during menstruation
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        2 UTIs, ovarian cysts, and maybe an STD
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        realy long period
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        Indirect stimulation
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        Bleeding early with stomach pains
        Early bleeding on pill
        Pain with anal sex
        Bleeding and discharge after first time sex
        Constipation and anal sex
        Constipation after anal sex
        Sudden lack of interest in sex
        painful sex from tilted cervix ?
        No desire for sex at 21
        Bleeding after colposcopy - infection ?
        Possibly allergic to cum ?
        Missed period for 5 months ?
        Abnormal period with cramping and discharge
        Two genital herpes lesions
        Bleeding on and off for 3 weeks
        Late period - short with painful cramps
        Soapy ejaculate
        Anal Masturbation
        Occasional clitoral itching
        Gonorrhea transmission through toothbrush ?
        Prolapsed Cervix
        Thick red discharge
        no intercourse beyond fingering , bleeding after fingering
        cant feel anything during sex , have finger on clit
        Period after sex , no sex , no period
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        No Orgasm
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