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        diarreah after sex
        diarreah after sex
        sore and bleeding am i still virgin?
        Why is it sore after shaving in between my legs?
        accidentally masturbating while asleep?!?
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        Did I orgasm?
        Constipation after anal sex
        My BF has a bent penis, does it mean he can't satisfy a woman?
        Low sex drive: I just could care less about it.
        swelling due to new sexual life or too aggressive, rough?
        Can a woman orgasm squirting fluid
        nashious pain in my lower stomatch after sex?
        Swelling and stuff after sex
        period two weeks early? Im 14 , I had sex but ...
        Is the vagina suppose to contract?
        had anal sex and im wondering if I lost my hymen.
         I'm wondering if I lost my hymen ...
        i dont get orgasim
        Body changes after losing your virginity
        14, sexually active but i don't feel pleased.
        i dont feel pleased when i have sex.
        why do some people still bleed during sex?
        i do enjoy it and then i just turn off ?
        Ceserean Section Rates are increasing by the second
        Unlike girls of my age, I don't feel like having sex at all.
        Sexual Experiments
        Public Sex
        signs that virginity had lost
        she just wants sex over and done?
        Light Bleeding after Sex
        Bleeding after sex - What could it be?
        Black spots on outer vagina?
        15 min later, clear non-smelling liquid leaks out?
        how do i get pleased without breaking our rules?
        blood again after i moved my bowels, will i be ok?
        Never have had an orgasm...please give advice!
        a deliberate system-creation of and as consciousness
        Masturbation and lubricants.
        I didn't bleed my first time having sex?
        Embarassing Pains Dr said "its cause my partners to big."?
        That pesky hymen
        I am 13 and I can't stop thinking about sex.
        I have 2 tiny black spots on my vulva, worried about cancer
        Am I a Lesbian??
        Pain during intercourse or orgasim
        possible that testoserone is more than my oestrogen?
        No Vaginal Lubrication Until AFTER he exits- 23
        is pooping a little bit normal during sex ?
        pooping during sex ?
        discoloration on tha rim of my vagina lips?
        How can I stop the pain at the start of sex?
        no feelings during sex Is there a cure or pills or creams?
        no feelings during sex. infection or age-related?
        is my natural discharge when turned on normal?
        need medical attention or is it I haven't had sex for 2 yrs?
        surgical removal of endometriosis - Dryness Anus
        What causes bleeding after first time rough sex?
        painful back spasms after orgasm
        How do i stop craving sex?
        bump in my pubic area, size like walnut?
        spotting for 4days thought I was prego until I started bleeding
        Hymen not breaking
        can you have a brown discharge from being fingered?
        fish smell
        pillow humping/lesbain
        pillow humping/lesbain
        Good for health
        ill after sex
        i saw blood on my hand what does it mean?
        Bleeding during and after intercourse
        Bleeding during and after intercourse
        Orgasm after BHRT
        5 weeks after abortion, period!
        getting pleasure at the thought of girls.
        only a little pain, is it a problem?
        How will sex feel?
        wanting to have sex but think I would be judged ...
        How to be turned on.
        after sex itchy, bf just come home from work abroad
        my wifehave been tightless after giving a child?
        soreness and weird discharge..
        is something wrong with me or his sperm?
        Can you feel the guy cum??
        after sex I had really bad cramps and spotted a little?
        Im in the mood and dont know what to do.
        sex after menopause/abstinence
        Why is BDSM in the mainstream media only shown as women being Do