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        pain after I peeded, white discharge
        Pain and uncomfortableness during and after sex?
        want to know if im still a virgin or not
        Am i still A virgin.. ?
        so am i still a virgin or not ?
        getting your period after sex after you already had it?
        the odor gets even worse and fills the room.
        Is there any way to reduce the wetness?
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        what are the bad effects after anal sex
        worst case of primary FOD in history
        Just curious so tell me -_-
        we can only get into so many positions...
        Bizarre vaginal excretion during sex
        Hymen broken from fingering, continue to bleed everytime
        Is this still a "sex" fantasy?
        Can my new partner damage me internally?
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        I cannot reach orgasm through sex
        orgasm from holding in urine??
        starting male hormones tomorrow. will it make me sleepy?
        between a very large blackhead and an ingrown hair
        sexual fear, i got married 2 months back
        doing masturubation regularly affects the health?
        when i go to urinate, i orgasm. why?
        Strep throat symptons after oral sex?
        i cant orgasm
        bleeding after foreplay
        girl who didn't have sex for 6months - how much time to orgasm?
        heavy bleeding,soreness in lower stomach & vagina
        Pain when peeing
        vagina drys up?
        girlfriend doesn't bleed during our first sex?
        after marriage for 1 week I cannot touch due to mensuration?
        HPV Vaccine-Dose 3
        I hate sex and did everything 'right' - zero sex drive
        Libido too high?
        How Do You Feel After He Cums Inside ?
        Serious problems not sure what's going on!
        Penetration not possible during intercourse
        diarrhea after sex
        after sex i got sick, hot and dizzy, having diarreah
        cycling blood or breaking hymen bleeding?
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        with a 6 mos old baby, i have no energy for sex....
        after sex
        headache, vomiting and feeling weak after having sex
        Weather oral sex is harmful to health?
        Mycoplasma - women
        I figured 18 years old is a sexually active age?
        Can you tell me what it might feel like for her.
        Anorgasmia - lack of sexual desire
        an oral liquid medicine to enhance arousal and orgasm?
        Why do I still have painful sex after 2yrs of giving childbirth?
        Why do I still have painful sex after 2yrs of giving childbirth?
        m i still viger or not?
        sex wow lol!!!
        Tested positive for mycoplasm and ureaplasma, but my doctor....
        Vagina taste onion
        Extended bleeding after masturbation
        no desire for sex, is it Hormones?
        increase in white discharge, is a bit concerning
        very gassy but also have a clear/yellowy discharge?
        having oral sex is harmful ?
        oral sex lead to health problm?
        bad pains in the bottom of my stomach?
        Pain During Sex
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        is it true the butt and the breasts tell if she has had sex
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        pain in lower right abdomen during intercourse
        trouble getting aroused
        i couldnt get aroused and when we...
        Pain in my lower stomach after im done?
        I feel as if I have a uti after sex, Burning, bleeding...
        i leak alot. Is it normal for it to gush out?
        no feeling during sex. any problem for pregnancy?
        Lichreton for lichen planus
        Lichreton for lichen planus
        girlfriend din't bleed as i broke her 'virginity'?