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        Can't Orgasm?
        may have been my hymen breaking?
        Can't orgasm - it's painful
        anal and semen
        anal and semen can sperm get in?
        pressure at the base of spine continuing into the rectum.
        Does harassment harm virginity?
        effect of having sex daily ?
        urinating when having an orgasm
        are there other women who do not masturbate?
        advise about lubricants for vaginal intercourse.
        Loss of feeling during sex
        painful penetration
        Scratche Cervix?
        never once gotten even close to an orgasm.
        can never feel pleasure during sex?
        never had any bleeding occurring after sex?
        starting to hurt between my anus and vagina?
        Penetration Doesn't Feel Good To Me...
        I Can't Orgasm..
        sudden nearly non existant feeling towards sex.
        Gender selection
        Vagina is very itchy
        bled during sex and have quite a painful pulsating?
        what can i do, aside from buying lubrication?
        after my first time it seems to be swollen?
        watery but sometimes bloody discharge?
        First time Sex
        Is the irriation normal?
        Airy condom?
        vigina dischargind thick white liguid
        "Notches" on a hymen without intercourse?
        Can antibiotics affect orgasm?
        Will my family doctor be able to look up medical history
        a lump the size of a peanut where the pubic hair grows?
        a recurring blister that forms on the hood of my clitoris?
        bleeding after yeast infection? How long should i wait?
        blood after stimulation ..did i break my hymen?
        lose of sensatoin
        pain whenever we attempt to have sex?
        should i take haemoglobin syrup again?
        for the most part its extremely painful still.
        there was blood, hope my cherry didn't pop
        my period or did I get my cherry popped?
        Popped cherry or period?
        wife never experienced orgasm with me...
        pain during sex
        Dark Brown blood after sex?
        Dark Brown blood after sex?
        sexual health - period or cherry pop
        cant reach orgasm during intercourse with my partner ?
        married just 3 months. solution to have proper sex life?
        Abnormal Discharge During Sex
        a womans sex life
        afraid it will hurt to bad for my first time.
        has anyone tried the product sexsmart
        Help my libido!
        Help my libido!??
        intense feeling which then completely disappears ?
        orgasm or not
        after sex I hurt real badly.
        Should I lose my virginity to my boyfriend?...
        Unable to that normal??
        Unable to that normal??
        after i had my period i had sex and bled ?
        painful sex but i have never blead.
        never ever haveing an origasem
        Unable to Accept being a "Woman"
        Bumps on my Upper pubic area (happy trail) and groin/thigh.
        women should have one latex cat suit
        extreme abdominal pain during sex yesterday?
        confused about sexual health
        I haven't had sex in 2 years and now...
        sexual health women was very painful
        onstant pain around my navel, in my womb?
        Not able to climax
        I don't regret sex with my first partner but...
        how long after a cured yeast infection should i wait to have sex
        Vaginal bleeding after mastrubating
        How can I get rid of unhealthy religious beliefs about sex?
        Burning pain during sex.
        not the only one who doesn't enjoy sex
        How to achieve an orgasm/climax!
        No feeling during intercourse
        Is it broken or not?
        Is this normal? (warning, a bit graphic in detail)
        Anxiety During Sex... all of a sudden