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        Altered Sense of Smell
        trying to figure out if I have started early?
        vaginal wetness for no apparent reason
        copper iud.should i remove it or is it because im older
        Is it perimenopause?
        Is perimenopause?
        i bleed from my vagina like if it was my period?
        Pink blood
        Bleeding after 8 years without a period and I am in menopause.
        health after menopause
        began feeling extreme itch on legs and gradually on arms?
        hot flashes and a tingle on the heel of my feet?
        Schizophrenic Symptoms During Perimenopause
        just had a period this weekend after six months
        assuming this is perimenopause what can I do?
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        Vitamin D and hot flahses?
        early indication that I am beginning menopause?
        43 years old had sex using condom its been 20 days....
        Erratic mood swings, trouble sleeping, headaches, dizziness.
        normal at 46 years of age?
        Long lasting menstruation
        Menopausal depression
        Prescribed Premarin but still have uterus
        is everything related to menopause or aging?
        Missing left ovary after op. Could i be in change early?
        when should i feel Hrt Conjugated Oestrogen?
        prescribed Aminor and Daflon -Perimenopause?
        perimenopausal and have foot cramps, tingling, tightness...
        Menopause Itchiness Cure
        missed periods. my mother is 57 years is it ok?
        menstration started up again
         I started menstration last week after 2 yrs?
        Menopause and creativity
        Breast milk from a female 50 years old through menopause?
        female health
        Hormones and Menopause, the Good the Bad and Why We Need Them
        Two Husbands In The House
        2 yrs since I had my period and I sweat& feel hot and cold ?
        I'm bleeding to death after 5 months
        how long before my periods come to a final stop?
        Pre menopause - weight gain
        menopause medicines
        Could it be Perimenopause?
        50 years old / no GYN care for 25 years
        Premature menopause put me on HRT at 19?
        on bc pill to alleviate symptoms / restart menstruation.?
        unusually large clots, heaviness and duration of flow
        Is this the beginning?
        Dark Brown Periods and I'm 48yrs. old and overweight.
        a year without a period, at what stage is menopause?
        Please suggest me any good Menopause Kit
         21 years old.having irregular periods, early menopause?
        Excessive sweating when exerted
        bleeds heavilyand she had to bear pain in her waist and legs
        steady bleeding for 5 weeks now... I am 52
        steady bleeding for 5 weeks now... I am 52?
        51 yrs old, menopausal and disgusted!
        weight gain from about the lates 40s to the mid 50s?
        patch to alleviate hot flashes, now bleading and cramps?
        My mom is very distant and is thinking crazy things
        could i end up getting pregnant still?
        a natural supplement I can take to help...
        Menopause Breasts
        How long are the joint pains/stiffness/aches likely to last
        headache and tender left nipple
        gabapentin- Can I stop all at once?
        Postmenopausal Female Study - Compensation up to $3,504
        could my freezing cold nose be symptomatic of the menopause?
        Can estrogen in Yasmin delay menopausal symptoms?
        Menopausal dizziness and weird head feeling
        Can I use HRT if I have liver disease?
        Should spotting be counted when you are approaching menopause?
        How old do you have to be?
        no cycle in 2 yrs. had dark spotty discharge this morning
        HRT anyone tried Activella?
        How long should it take for hormones to level out?
        really bad periods, my bones and joints hurt...
        what can i see on the letter from report?
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        Bloody Discharge After 1 1/2 years of menapause
        normal untill 2 months ago...
        Body temp while sleeping Could this be hormonal?
        Low Estrogen and Periods
        is having cramps for this long and no period is normal?
        fsa numbers are very high, Should I go back on the pill?
        is this ongoing cramping with no period normal?
        Menopause Question
        Is this very early menopause?