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        hiv infected or not?
        is hiv dna conclusive after 8 months...
        they tested me, I just want it treated or cured
        is hiv infected? doctor suggest me no need of test.
        PCR DNA proviral test or PCR RNA test?
        can i get HIV from fingering with out gloves?
        says he last did his full blood check about 4 month ago
        Is seroconversion rate depends on risk of exposure
        is there false negative reults?
        Male Rape Victim Help
        sex with hiv positive women for 1 time will affected ?
        Encounter with hooker
        By 2 tests, how much accurate that I am safe?
        can't put any faith in this 14 day test now? Scared.
        comfortable with 14 day HIV DNA PCR test Neg. result?
        no swollen lymph or any rashes in my case...
        it is conclusive hiv test?
        I saw a little pinch of blood outside condom...
        could the dog licking our child cause HIV?
        how long for HIV to show in blood stream?
        wife is 2months pregnant tested hiv positive, I'm negative?
        sore-throat and fever, my risk contracting HIV?
        What are my chances of -veg when i test at 8 weeks post PEP
        Is 4th generation the same as ELISA?
        HIV further testing needed?
        HIV further testing needed?
        Can I get the virus through oral sex?
        I used someone's razor and cut myself.
        Symptoms and its relationship
        Symptoms and its relationship
        uncover sex 65 days ago with one sex worker
        symptoms like swollen lymph node and mouth ulcers
        told me.he was clean but.havent showed me any paperwork
        HIV Test Inquiry
        I think I have a contracted HIV from the dog 8 weeks ago.
        HIV test 1 and 2
        will Ambien, Ibuprofen PM, and hydroco/apap affect tests?
        hooked up with prostitute, penis has been burning...
        will i be infected if the previous customer was?
        accurate after 45 days or must be wait 90 days?
        doubt about my HIV status...
        Looking for up to 24 volunteers
        Can someone catch HIV and HSV simultaneously?
        this much of lymphosite after 5 year period of hiv?
        possibilities that the third test might turn positive?
        Results in 7 hrs? how long does antibody blood test take?
        accurate at 91 days?
        he told me that he has never been tested for HIV!
        pricked my finger on a safetypin...
        NFS en primo infection HIV
        Can a cut on Scrotum lead to STD
        I opted for the HIV DNA by PCR test, can i rely on it?
        hiv+ person's sweat touched my body parts...
        not aware of her HIV status. Which Test I need?
        HIV Early Symptoms
        doctor told that i infected by HIV. Am I Safe?
        do i need further testing?
        need to worry about HIV and take another test?
        HIV Symptoms?? Condom Failure!!
        Ridiculously irresponsible.
        blood donation and hiv
        sore throat and now I had a swollen lymph node?
        Unprotected Oral sex and Elisa after 11 days..confused
        is it mean i am having HIV ... ?
        I had sex with a stripper Can I get HIV?
        why so many people say HIV DNA by PCR is not accurate?
        i took 3-4 drops of breask milk?
        Can i do a HIV DUO post 11 weeks?
        Does any lab offer HIV DUO test in India?
        confused after reading countless reports on HIV
        HIV DUO or ELISA anitbody test after 12 weeks?
        hollow bore needle from nurse hand slipped ...
        Is PCR RNA and P24 antigen(4th generation) test same.
        HIV Infection from massage
        wbc is normal but neturaphil is little bit high so...
        wat are symtoms of HIV and AIDS?
        Unprotected blow job from prostitute, got fever today!
        i had an cut in the leg and ...
        Is it impossible to gain weight after HIV infection?
        HIV and AIDS Question
        in low risks i have to go another tests up tp 12 weeks ?
        unknowing contact with a sex worker...
        all symtopms of hiv post 12 days and some are still going
        is it conclusive?
        acute HIV or chronic HIV infection? what is the difference?
        What are the odds?
        Can testing stop?
        curious, HIV!
        if i infected hiv my wbc count vary during 15 day interval?